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Socially distanced face to face workshops will return after 17 May 2021.

The self-management wellbeing workshops enable people who have become isolated, who often feel lonely and unsupported to come together and become the leaders in their own lives.  This not only helps individuals, it helps their carer’s, their families and their friends. It also has a wider impact within the all the external systems we have to deal with as a result of becoming ill. It has positive impact within the collective consciousness which produces creative ripple effects in communities when they see, feel and know about all the possibilities. I am extremely passionate about the work I do and have already witnessed the amazing growth, happiness and fulfilment which can be harvested from cultivating a holistic environment for wellbeing to flourish, through person centred self-management.



Here are some of the previous self-management workshops I’ve hosted…

  1. Self-management for pain relief. Making your own pain-relieving balm, making turmeric tea for pain and inflammation, empowering the people in the group by teaching them how to use E.F.T (emotional freedom techniques) for pain relief. Also had a talk about hot and cold compresses, plus handed out the ‘My live well with pain’ () about pain cycles and the self-care cycle, which I received from one of the G. P’s (CPD) webinars I was participant in.

  2. Self-management for anxiety and stress. Making a therapeutic, roller ball, pulse point aroma for stress and anxiety, learning how to use E.F.T (emotional freedom technique) for stress and anxiety. Talking about other useful natural remedies. Making stress relieving tea.

  3. Self-management mindfulness, limiting beliefs and law of attraction. Making a decoupage manifestation box using mindfulness techniques, using E.F.T for limited beliefs, making an invigoration fresh juice.

  4. Self-management for detoxing the lymphatic system and supporting the immune system. Making organic rainbow sauerkraut, packed full of antioxidants, phytonutrients, probiotics and prebiotics. Talk, and demonstration about detoxing and why gut health is such an important part of our over-all wellbeing.

  5. Self-management for cravings and options for healthy alternatives. Using E.F.T for cravings. Making our own raw cheesecake without processed sugar. Short discussion and hand out’s about why processed sugar is causing so many problems within our systems which affects our over-all health.

  6. Self-managing our external environment. Learning about how detoxing our home helps with allergies, sensitivities and many other symptoms. Making toxic free candles, making toxic free therapeutic room and fabric spray.

  7. Self-management for reducing inflammation. Processed sugar alternatives. Making organic superfood chocolates which are gluten, soya, processed sugar free. We can use organic raw honey or for participants who are vegan we can use other natural sweeteners.

  8. Self-management for maximising nutrient absorption. Making raw vegan foods and Juices.

  9. Making eco friendly, non toxic scented candles, with botanicals. Learning about encorporating  natural dyes, the benefits of beeswax candles for allergies etc...

  10. Making bath bombs and therapeutic bath salts.

  11. Card making with scents and other crafts...

  12. Pregnancy nurture day is where we have six hours of lushness. It includes making our own pregnancy nurture butter that helps with dry skin, stretch marks and itching. Mini massage and making our own massage oil for relaxation before or during labour. Meditation session and EFT for any stress or worries. We also have Colin there in the afternoon to teach us about CPR and baby/child  first aid. Colin from Scot Medical LTD is a paramedic. 

Workshops Testimonials

Angus carers staff mental health wellbei
Angus carers staff mental health wellbei

What my clients say 1
What my clients say 1

What my clients say 27
What my clients say 27

Angus carers staff mental health wellbei
Angus carers staff mental health wellbei


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