Allergy Select 35
  • Allergy Select 35

    The exclusive Select 35 allergy test that uses a small blood spot testing kit to collect a sample for transportation to our labs. Results are received by you within 72 hours of receipt at our lab.


    • 1x alcohol wipe
    • 1x plaster
    • 1x Absorbent pad
    • 1x Five Spot Blood Card
    • 2x lancets CE 0344 (pin-prick system)
    • 1x return envelope
    • 1x activation card with adhesive label


    The Test: 


    The latest ELISA testing technology analyses a small blood sample against 35 of the most common allergies using IgE antibodies to give you accurate laboratory results.


    Quick & easy: 


    The kit includes full instructions on how to complete the pin-prick and blood spot sample in a fast and pain-free manner. Simply send the sample back to the address enclosed, where our labs will perform testing against the allergen items.


    Useful for: 


    Clients suffering from undiagnosed symptoms including bloating, rashes, migraines, stomach pain,gas, heartburn, diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, irritability or nervousness, sinus problems, hives, eczema, swelling, tingling or itching of face, lips, throat, eyes, tongue or other parts of the body, wheezing or nasal congestion, light headedness, fainting, as these could be signs of an intolerance or an allergy.


    Our laboratories & Technology: 


    The state-of-the-art laboratory is part of a facility certified according to ISO 9001. Using the latest testing ELISA equipment, which is unrivalled throughout the allergy testing industry, the labs are overseen by experts and fully qualified team of technicians. Our labs have over 10 years of experience delivering laboratory results worldwide to clients.


    Your results: The results are generated into an email report (PDF), which includes a comprehensive explanation of the items tested and whether any allergies have been detected.


    This is not intended to replace medical treatment or any advice about medical conditions from your medical practitioner.

    • What's Tested?

      Items included within the Allergy Select 35 test:

      • Almond
      • Apple
      • Ash
      • Bahia grass
      • Bermuda/Couch grass
      • Birch
      • Carrot
      • Cat dander
      • Cladosporium herbarum
      • Cod
      • Cow’s milk
      • Crab
      • Cypress
      • Dog dander
      • Egg white
      • English plantain
      • Hazelnut (Nut)
      • Hazelnut (Pollen)
      • Horse dander
      • House dust mite
      • Meat
      • Mugwort
      • Olive
      • Peanut
      • Potato
      • Ragweed
      • Rye
      • Rice
      • Salmon
      • Shrimp
      • Soy
      • Strawberry
      • Tomato
      • Timothy grass
      • Wheat

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