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Mind over matter

In this post I'm going to continually and randomly be adding experiences where the 'power of the mind' has improved and even dramatically changed the physiological and physical actions of my body. I will also add experiences from others too. 

My latest one...

I went on holiday and I was due to have my period the day before I travelled, I really didn't want this as I was looking forward to going swimming and wearing bikinis etc...I can't use tampons because of what they are made with, so it would have been a dilemma. There is a thing called a moon cup but by the time I'd remembered about that it was too late to order.  Anyways I politely asked my period to wait until I came back from holiday to appear, and lo and behold it stayed away until the day after I came back! And I do know for a fact that I had ovulated on time as I always know that. Now there's sure to be sceptics say there could be many other reasons for this. Well maybe, but I'm not sceptical, my period comes every twenty eight days pretty much without out fail on the dot every month, there have only been a few times in my whole life where it has been late usually due to stress. So I don't think it was a coincidence or anything else that it just randomly appeared on that precise day 9 days later than it should have...just the power of the mind that's all. 

The best one...

I used creative visualisation which originates 1000's of years ago amongst the Hindu sages, who also apparently developed yoga, meditation and the ayurvedic system. So basically my take on it was this ~

Three times a day just as if I was taking meds I would take my mind and body through a wellness journey, so that rather than focusing on the sick parts of my body I used the principles of the 'Law of attraction' to imagine all was healed and I was completely well. I started with my organs and went through a process of imagining every single organ lovely and reddish/pink, beautifully healed and in working order. In my minds eye I'd visualise and say to my liver, pancreas, kidneys heart, lungs, bladder, gall bladder, bowel, intestines, brain, ovaries, fallopian tubes, womb etc...that they were 100% well, healthy and healed, followed by thanking them for being in such wonderful working order. Then I'd move on to the systems starting with my immune system, nervous system, endocrine system, respiratory system, digestive system, urinary system, skeletal system, reproductive system, muscular system, lymphatic system, exocrine system and circulatory system. Again I'd just imagine they were healthy and thank them for being in such peak working order and helping me to feel good. Then I'd go on to finally bless all the cells, blood, mind, body, spirit and soul. Sometimes if an area was particularly bothersome such as the endocrine system, I'd actually name all the glands and go through them one at a time. Each time with gratitude for helping me to be full of wellness and vitality. I did this three times a day for six months. This works on the principle that the brain does not differentiate between fantasy and reality! For the endometriosis I imagine a tiny suction hoover entering my body and sucking out all the tissue that is attaching to places it shouldn't. For the neck pain I visualise little hands gently rubbing it out until it comes out the top of my head and then floats away.

I urge you to read, watch and follow David Hamilton, he really has his finger on the pulse of all of this, and like Kyle Gray has a fab and fun way of presenting the subject matter.

Do you have any mind over matter experiences you’d like to share? Anything you thought was impossible but now know to be possible? 

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