Some of my poetry

I started writing poetry in 2006. When I first started most of my poems just naturally rhymed, perhaps as I love music so much it inspired me to write them in more of a lyrical way. I wondered where on earth these poems had come from as I'd never been into poetry at all. Then it dawned on me that my nana used to tell us rhymes. And I had a vague memory of a poetry book on my 11th birthday. Also nana had gone on stage at the theatre Royal to recite poems, apparently it had been her claim to fame that she had done so on the same night as meeting Faith Brown who was an actress, impressionist and comedian performing after her that night. 

Anyway my poetry was possibly one of the things that kept me sane, and through time I had it published in 12 anthologies and magazines. I then got asked to do a poetry workshop at the national women's day and thereafter got invited to run a local writing group, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I had no experience in these types of things so once again I just winged it and learned as I went along. 

I then self published a small poetry book called 'Is it me? Is it you? or is it us?'

 Some of my Poems ~ 

Is anyone there?

At first I was afraid...I was petrified

What’s wrong?

You cannot see me?

I am the same, of course

As I always was

Am I not?

You’re just not listening, are you?

You only see the wheels

The chair….. perhaps.

I can’t talk, but can listen

Although ramblings confuse.

I hear your mind, within your blindness

To comprehend it…I’d have to be you!

The last thing on my mind!

We could always talk to her,

I suppose!

By why would we want to?

What can she do for us now, I hear!

Lets just talk amongst ourselves

It’ll be easier, she needs to rest

Behind closed doors

A different story

They know best,

Why would they ask?

I hear your mind… within your blindness

To comprehend it…I’d have to be you!

The last thing on my mind!

Enquiring are you

Unravel the grey windmills of the mind?

To make it easier on you

Should I make a joke, there that’ll help!

Try pushing the chair with wheels

Imagine yourself as the carted one

That I once found the sun when I was unbroken

Before the unpleasantness

Of your emotional hell!                     

I hear your mind… within your blindness  

To comprehend it…I’d have to be you!

The last thing on my mind!


Now it’s my emotional limbo

You are too much baggage for my destiny

Emotional heaven!

Why, she’s not in


The lame excuses, you all make

When you kick me out

Rest easy, with your dull

Passionless mirrors.

Uncompassionate to the core!

I hear your mind… within your blindness

To comprehend it…I’d have to be you

The last thing on my mind.


At one time I believe them

To be different

As I have witnessed.

Before the sly look of the fox

Why I can smell, the guilt

Mass of sheer selfishness,

Hardened hearts!

I hear your mind… within your blindness

To comprehend it…you’d have to be me

The first thing in my heart

Not so far from the one who bore me

What’s her name again?

Doesn’t matter,

She didn’t fit the job description

Generations blinded!

Unworthy criteria!

Go on pass the buck, its all my fault

Stare into the mirror, convince yourself

Seek behind those eyes you despise

Why should you feel empathy?

Ah, I see no one taught you

Could they of?

Should they of?                     

I hear your mind….. within your blindness

To comprehend it… you’d have to be me!

The first thing in my heart.

Try pushing the chair with wheels

It doesn’t hurt!

Only some folks cross to the other side

The street is darker there

They cannot see the sun that shines

From the chair with wheels

I can stand the pain, don’t worry!

The physical, metaphysical

The mind more so,

Also, don’t forget the senses

Surprisingly, heightened… another dimension.

I hear your mind… within your blindness

To comprehend it…You’d have to be me

The first thing in my heart.

Well, there you are, an opening for you

Yes I have a heart and soul,

A task, maybe not, go on try it!

How familiar for you to look outward, but not far enough

How predictable to want me imprisoned.

We’re not ashamed of the chair, just you.

I only want to get better, be outdoors!

By the way

Now I can speak again

WELCOME to MY voice!

© Lorna Cameron 

M.E… think outside the box!

One minute I'm here

The next I am not

Cold as an ice cube

Thereafter I’m hot.

Floating above me

Pain so severe

No one can see it

Disbelieving it’s real.

Noises get louder

Can’t stand the light

Body’s immobile

Brain rigid with fright.

Can’t read a letter

Can’t write a note

Neurones exploding

It all sticks in your throat.

Thinking about something

Next second it’s gone

Frustrations are prominent

New brain cells are torn.

Shaking and trembling

Transforming your life

Tears come in buckets

Heart slashed with knives.

Psyche exhausted

Wearied to the bone

Dispose of the rubbish

Find your way home!

How to recover?

If only you knew!

‘Explore and discover’

Walk in new shoes.

Compassion or judgement!

Which do you choose?

Empathetic in nature

Exemplary of course!

©Lorna Cameron


Day by day

Month by month

Year by year

I lie here

In agony


It seems

Doctors, nurses, OT’s, Physio’s, consultants

They come and they go

Some are just slow 

Some plainly don’t know

Their comments, assumptions 

Make me question 



For years they led me to believe 

That black was the new EVERYTHING!


Could ENGULF me


IT was always PLAIN to SEE

©Lorna Cameron 


Within that darkness we find the roots of our misery. Disentangle and unearth the primordial poison that sidetracks us, and threatens to disempower. Sit with the pain, acknowledge its existence. Transmute it. Show gratitude to the darkness within, the alchemy  illuminating our flourishing soul... 

 ©Lorna Cameron  


Did she blank out when the blow occurred?

Was there even a glimse of humanity?

Did she cry, secretly, afterwards


Only three years old!