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Some of my poetry

I started writing poetry in 2006. When I first started most of my poems just naturally rhymed, perhaps as I love music so much it inspired me to write them in more of a lyrical way. I wondered where on earth these poems had come from as I'd never been into poetry at all. Then it dawned on me that my nana used to tell us rhymes. And I had a vague memory of a poetry book on my 11th birthday. Also nana had gone on stage at the theatre Royal to recite poems, apparently it had been her claim to fame that she had done so on the same night as meeting Faith Brown who was an actress, impressionist and comedian performing after her that night. 

Anyway my poetry was possibly one of the things that kept me sane, and through time I had it published in 12 anthologies and magazines. I then got asked to do a poetry workshop at the national women's day and thereafter got invited to run a local writing group, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I had no experience in these types of things so once again I just winged it and learned as I went along. 

I then self published a small poetry book called 'Is it me? Is it you? or is it us?'

 Some of my Poems ~ 

Is anyone there?

At first I was afraid...I was petrified

What’s wrong?

You cannot see me?

I am the same, of course

As I always was

Am I not?

You’re just not listening, are you?

You only see the wheels

The chair….. perhaps.

I can’t talk, but can listen

Although ramblings confuse.

I hear your mind, within your blindness

To comprehend it…I’d have to be you!

The last thing on my mind!

We could always talk to her,

I suppose!

By why would we want to?

What can she do for us now, I hear!

Lets just talk amongst ourselves

It’ll be easier, she needs to rest

Behind closed doors

A different story

They know best,

Why would they ask?

I hear your mind… within your blindness

To comprehend it…I’d have to be you!

The last thing on my mind!

Enquiring are you

Unravel the grey windmills of the mind?

To make it easier on you

Should I make a joke, there that’ll help!

Try pushing the chair with wheels

Imagine yourself as the carted one

That I once found the sun when I was unbroken

Before the unpleasantness

Of your emotional hell!                     

I hear your mind… within your blindness  

To comprehend it…I’d have to be you!

The last thing on my mind!


Now it’s my emotional limbo

You are too much baggage for my destiny

Emotional heaven!

Why, she’s not in


The lame excuses, you all make

When you kick me out

Rest easy, with your dull

Passionless mirrors.

Uncompassionate to the core!

I hear your mind… within your blindness

To comprehend it…I’d have to be you

The last thing on my mind.


At one time I believe them

To be different

As I have witnessed.

Before the sly look of the fox

Why I can smell, the guilt

Mass of sheer selfishness,

Hardened hearts!

I hear your mind… within your blindness

To comprehend it…you’d have to be me

The first thing in my heart

Not so far from the one who bore me

What’s her name again?

Doesn’t matter,

She didn’t fit the job description

Generations blinded!

Unworthy criteria!

Go on pass the buck, its all my fault

Stare into the mirror, convince yourself

Seek behind those eyes you despise

Why should you feel empathy?

Ah, I see no one taught you

Could they of?

Should they of?                     

I hear your mind….. within your blindness

To comprehend it… you’d have to be me!

The first thing in my heart.

Try pushing the chair with wheels

It doesn’t hurt!

Only some folks cross to the other side

The street is darker there

They cannot see the sun that shines

From the chair with wheels

I can stand the pain, don’t worry!

The physical, metaphysical

The mind more so,

Also, don’t forget the senses

Surprisingly, heightened… another dimension.

I hear your mind… within your blindness

To comprehend it…You’d have to be me

The first thing in my heart.

Well, there you are, an opening for you

Yes I have a heart and soul,

A task, maybe not, go on try it!

How familiar for you to look outward, but not far enough

How predictable to want me imprisoned.

We’re not ashamed of the chair, just you.

I only want to get better, be outdoors!

By the way

Now I can speak again

WELCOME to MY voice!

© Lorna Cameron 

M.E… think outside the box!

One minute I'm here

The next I am not

Cold as an ice cube

Thereafter I’m hot.

Floating above me

Pain so severe

No one can see it

Disbelieving it’s real.

Noises get louder

Can’t stand the light

Body’s immobile

Brain rigid with fright.

Can’t read a letter

Can’t write a note

Neurones exploding

It all sticks in your throat.

Thinking about something

Next second it’s gone

Frustrations are prominent

New brain cells are torn.

Shaking and trembling

Transforming your life

Tears come in buckets

Heart slashed with knives.

Psyche exhausted

Wearied to the bone

Dispose of the rubbish

Find your way home!

How to recover?

If only you knew!

‘Explore and discover’

Walk in new shoes.

Compassion or judgement!

Which do you choose?

Empathetic in nature

Exemplary of course!

©Lorna Cameron


Day by day

Month by month

Year by year

I lie here

In agony


It seems

Doctors, nurses, OT’s, Physio’s, consultants

They come and they go

Some are just slow 

Some plainly don’t know

Their comments, assumptions 

Make me question 



For years they led me to believe 

That black was the new EVERYTHING!


Could ENGULF me


IT was always PLAIN to SEE

©Lorna Cameron 


Within that darkness we find the roots of our misery. Disentangle and unearth the primordial poison that sidetracks us, and threatens to disempower. Sit with the pain, acknowledge its existence. Transmute it. Show gratitude to the darkness within, the alchemy  illuminating our flourishing soul... 

 ©Lorna Cameron  


Did she blank out when the blow occurred?

Was there even a glimse of humanity?

Did she cry, secretly, afterwards


Only three years old!

Was there a hint of regret?

Did her womb grieve

For the cycle unchanged?

Was it really so difficult

To show EMOTION?

Did her world fall apart

When he ripped her INNOCENCE OUT!

Wasn’t it obvious to her


Her daughter

©Lorna Cameron


You blocked the sunlight from my sky

Turned my insides out each time you lied

And, every day I’m with you

I can’t breathe like I should

So don’t you turn around

I won’t hit the ground 

As when you leave I’m free

And I can’t wait to be

Convinced you were always right

Projected your inner fight

And as strong as I am

Made it hard to stay calm 

So don’t you turn around

As I won’t hit the ground 

‘Cause when you leave I’m free

And I, can’t wait to be! 

She danced through all the night 

As you kicked with all your might

And the cycle had to change 

Though the bloodline still remains 

I didn’t turn around 

As I, heard you hit the ground

And the sun rose in the sky 

As I said my last goodbye

I turned it all around 

With the loving hearts I found

And you don’t bother me 

As I am truly free! 

©Lorna Cameron 


Thrashing and stropping

In bed all night long

Fists white with clenching

Something is wrong!

Bubbling and boiling

Who’s getting to you now?

Shouting and screaming!

Whilst raising your brow.

Tension and friction

Roaring like the lion

Fiery the kitchen!

Scorching like the iron.

Exploding with vigour!

Banging the drum

Meditation and yoga

Should calm it all down.

Calmer the notion.

Assertiveness prevails

Deal with the motion!

Stop hammering those nails!

Now when it’s over.

Exhausted by fear.

Rest to recover.

Calm waters are near….

©Lorna Cameron

La Vie En Rose

Velvet butterflies waltzing in the summer breeze

Kicking, dancing, flying with the falling leaves

The fresh crisp smell of autumn morning

Pungent, earthy, awakening in its dawning

Cherry blossom frills, Oak, cedar and willow

Sparkle with fun, feathers surround, majestic with halo!

Sun and rain painting the rainbow!

Magical unicorns play in the snow

Waves crashing, frothing, bubbles popping

Mermaids race seahorses, seashells for shopping!

Pirates with treasure drank too much rum!

Dancing and singing with mulberry and plum

Belly dancers surround the glow of the fire

Senoritas with passion and much to admire!

Rosy with me, eyes full of glee!

All senses sing to the breath of the sea…..

©Lorna Cameron


It was only last year

I finally realised

The extent of beaurocracy

Controlling our lives

That my human rights

Were infringed every day

That some lawyers and gentry

Were as dodgy as can be

That very few folk

Were quite what they seemed

And that magic and angels

Were more than just dreams

© Lorna Cameron

Kaleidoscope of hope

Looking out the window, kaleidoscope of hope

Feeling, wanting, needing, infinite faith evoked

Raconteur and philosophers, the homeless and the blind

Nurturing all those secrets in that solitary mind

Everyone is shouting, screaming with no voice

Numbed out minds, hearts of stone, searching for that vice

Every saints a sinner, if pushed that step too far

The devils there to tempt you, not mirror who you are!

Consciousness meets grandeur, frolics, friends and lust

Desiring all that ever was, wisdoms not the curse!

The love of those role models, the goodness that we find

Versus bitter gene pools, twisted dysfunctional life

Armed for final battle, legions of worthy cells

The war will not be over, ‘till we truly love ourselves

Truth above that knowledge, whilst accepting all the flaws

The mighty proactive, will surely win the war

If you know the destiny, trust your instincts not your mind

Harvesting the rainbows gold, with graciousness inside

Victory now so imminent, justice tells no lies

The fruits of all your labour will shine from wealthy eyes!

© Lorna Cameron

Justice versus the law

The law tells us to follow a certain procedure

Whether that procedure is JUST or not is another story

The law needs to make money

And yet justice would save it!

The law tells us to go against human nature

Justice states the opposite!

The law protects the criminal

Justice protects the victim!

The law speaks with its DATA eyes

Like the medic who speaks the DATA remedy!

Justice speaks from the law of nature

The law is written in stone

Justice is the workings of our home!

The law needs witnesses, evidence

Justice has cut us wide open…

Witness your evidence!

We come to claim our right to freedom!

Freedom is not bound by your chains!

We come from the true source of creation!

Your morals and values are a nonsensical claim!

We come riding on the wings of angels!

Your demonical vessel target of our aim!

We will not be downtrodden by this system of robots!

NOT let your laws tyrannize our justice!

NOT be mutilated by years of corruption!

NOT be blasted by murderous venom!

So propagate rumours of condemnation! 

Your puerile alibi of defamation!

Fiery arrows won’t penetrate OUR nation!

Justice WILL be our salvation!

© Lorna Cameron

Tears of time

Heart ached for you

So un-a-ware

How did you know?

I hid it so well

Sombre thoughts

Bound deep despair

Reciprocated more than once

Fearing life and Fearing death

Cat-a-list unknown

When far from home

Impeding situation

Cracking the foundation

You marked my words with sorry songs

Evolution to blame

Tainted window pain

Impending situation

Evolves into frustration

Bitterness and grief

You’re no better than the thief!

Tears of time


Tears of time

We lost that love

Silent tears

Of the broken hearted

Silent tears

You lost your mind!

© Lorna Cameron

No such word as can’t

If you can’t say it, write it

If you can’t defend it, fight it.

If you can’t feel it, try to

If you can’t conquer it, want to!

If you can’t see it, hear it

If you can’t listen, want to

If you want to feel it, touch it!

If you want to have it, try to.

Take time to see

Take time to be

Take time to listen

Look at you glisten!

Loving is easy

It’s life that’s a struggle

Make it easier on yourself

And those you love

The last layer

The biggest obstacle

The final answer

To the light of creation

And all that is real

Natural and true.

©Lorna Cameron


Waking up fresh in the morning

Gracing the waters edge

Reminds me of something unspoken

The memories soothing my head

Lighting the candle of glory

Stepping out head held up high

Dealing with truth in your own way

Touching the infinite sky

Come to the island of vision

Sail in the seas of your dreams

Climb the mountains of freedom

Free yourself, fly with great ease!

© Lorna Cameron

Freedom we know

When the past comes back to bite you on the ass

And the rounds done distant echo’s from the past

In the hero’s eye the spark ignites the flame

Fleshless bones exposing devilish blame

Disguising hungry eyes from revenge they seek

Karma taking care of the demonic beast

When foul play eats up all your vacant thoughts

And third base no longer a solitary pot

The eagle’s eye remains the highest realm

In the primates tribe the victory sounds insane

The human heart repels their savage ways

Exposing dirty linen hung in disgrace

The pinnacle of what is known to be believed

As the dragon retreats, we sigh in relief

Skeleton’s crumble, nothing left to see

And the vacant thoughts of what will be will be!

The highest realm entirely up to you

Allowing you and them to see it too

The victory liberating the freedom we knew

And the grace of it all will see us through

© Lorna Cameron

Honest and true

To die and not know

To live and not grow

The fears that we face

To get to that place

The core of existence

Transcend the resistance

Look to the light

Take rest with the night

Eyes talk with sparkle

As spirit’s intact

Listening to the wise one!

Considering the facts

Thoughts are more peaceful

Sleep is so restful.

Soul is much calmer

And body is warmer.

Could all go tomorrow?

Consider that too

Your heart you should follow

Be honest and true!

© Lorna Cameron

Into the light

Hide in the shadows no more

As I see it within you 

those words of posion

It's your shame to sort, not mine

I hear the venom serves you

Not so well!


Insulting your way to oblivion

Like your ‘fancy title’ 

powers a right to manipulate inclusion

You think you have the upper hand

With your nose in the air

Inside your ‘secret’ closet 

And yet...

I am the one who has really been 

Under the grass roots of existence

You talk the talk of a beautiful garden

Yet there is no soil beneath your nails

You fire accusations

at the victim in ‘your’ mirror

Whilst your arrogance

Spins you yet 'another line!'

The other fish in your bowl

agreeably massaging that egotistical policy

As they themselves aspire to the delusion 

That control serves them so well!

And yet the pain of resitance 

only sears deeper into authenticity 

As the answer bubbles to the surface

What would you do for LOVE?

© Lorna Cameron 


God sculpted the rainbow, that day.

As I lay.




It beckoned me,

From my feather down, where I lay

eye to the sky.

And lit my solitary spirit

for almost a second.

Once again the master

makes good use of sun and rain.

Merging them for that glorious peace.

How does he know of my pain?

Producing this fine work of art!

Not only for my pleasure

At this time

But for all to see

Fundamental reminders, that

Love heals pain naturally.

The rainbow lights me from within.

Although I cannot  ingest it.

It helps me retain faith

Continuous explorations

Of my depth of colour,


That  harmonious balance

Miles from black or white.

Who else could paint

A finer work of art?

Humbled to know

there is no price

To reflect the rainbow.

Only a belief

An understanding

A smile

Perhaps a twinkle.

A Willingness to progress, somehow.

sculpting your own art

Concluding that the masterpiece; is the peace!

 ©Lorna Cameron

Celebrate The Dance

The nightingale who sings

Spreads her silken wings

Anticipates the flight

To soar with all her might

Will she celebrate the dance?

The robots now look small

So proud, the bird soars tall

Swooning and swaying

Dancing, then gliding.

As she celebrates the dance!

The unicorns appear

Free will is always here

Parading a glorious flight

Round moon and stars so bright

Will you celebrate the dance?

Inhale the forceful wind

With each breath, and positive mind

As their spirits become one

Their souls join in the fun

Come, celebrate the dance!

The fairy dust scatters

As the Emerald one gathers

A fanfare in the sky

It sparkles from their eye

As they celebrate the dance!

© Lorna Cameron


If we treated every moment like it was a precious gem of treasured inheritance

No power would defeat us

If we embraced our loved ones heart in the deepest purest chamber

The Angels wings will carry the tainted twisted burden

And bury it forever with the demons desire to destroy

Nothing other than beauty will flourish

We will triumph over adversity

With our hearts desire to love forever

As the Angels light soothes our psyche

Peace, Love and light.

 ©Lorna Cameron

I wish I wish you here beside me my love. I want to touch you, feel you and... 

I wish to hold you in my tender sweet heart forever. I will nurture and feed your soul so that you will never want for anything, and you will also do the same for me, as you know my heart as well as you know your own, as well as my souls desire... You do know, as well as I know, that we will heal from this as we will love each other with Devine light ~ With all our heart and soul. And all the hurt and pain will become a distant memory to the magic that we feel ~ the joy we experience. Every fibre of our being will be ignited by the passions we share ~ now and forever...  ©Lorna Cameron 

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