Some of my poetry

I started writing poetry in 2006. When I first started most of my poems just naturally rhymed, perhaps as I love music so much it inspired me to write them in more of a lyrical way. I wondered where on earth these poems had come from as I'd never been into poetry at all. Then it dawned on me that my nana used to tell us rhymes. And I had a vague memory of a poetry book on my 11th birthday. Also nana had gone on stage at the theatre Royal to recite poems, apparently it had been her claim to fame that she had done so on the same night as meeting Faith Brown who was an actress, impressionist and comedian performing after her that night. 

Anyway my poetry was possibly one of the things that kept me sane, and through time I had it published in 12 anthologies and magazines. I then got asked to do a poetry workshop at the national women's day and thereafter got invited to run a local writing group, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I had no experience in these types of things so once again I just winged it and learned as I went along. 

I then self published a small poetry book called 'Is it me? Is it you? or is it us?'