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Healthy romantic long term relationships…

Supporting people with their romantic relationships is one of the roles I have been given, not just using my experience as a holistic health practitioner, but also as a DEVINE channeler. I've lost count of the vast amount of books I've read, vidoes I've watched and people I've learned from. I've also learned a lot about what works and doesn't work from my parents toxic marriage, individually within the two marriages I left, plus I've interveiwed lots of people that have been married for a lifetime such as 60 years etc who are still in love or those who've decided to divorce after 50 years of marriage.

Top of the list which triumphs as supreme significance within loving, healthy, happy, romantic long term relationships is authenticity, transparent compassionate communication and active listening.

It helps enormously if the foundations are build on a solid friendship of mutual respect, with common core values being the pinnacle of a very joyful, passionate, fulfilling life.

More often than not people choose relationships through connections that are either co-dependent or trauma bonding, which means they will connect with someone that they have chemistry with, have things in common with or like the look of…Which can be intoxicating for a while, but add some stress and other physical, emotional or spirtual challenges into the mix and the novelty soon wears off.

TRUE LOVE is very rare, it’s an intuitive connection which our spirit feels instantly, but it isn’t logical. It is intensely magnetising and the knowlege we have about that special one isn't reliant on being privy to all the details about that person initially. Real love is a soul bond frequency that our intuitive heart recognises immediately, as the synchronicities bring our souls into union with our Devine counterpart.

A crucial fact to mention in maintaining a joyful relationship is growth. It's important that both keep growing, and doing their individual inner work. Not because the other is demanding you change, but creating space for the other to grow and allowing their spirit freedom is absolutely essential.

There’s lots of changes that come with children, careers, ill health, hobbies and friends. It's essential to have a healthy relationship with your own mind, body and spirit so as your partner evolves and develops you are secure within yourself and the relationship.

Being authentic with yourself and transparent with your love language needs and sexual desires doesn’t mean that you are looking to your partner to be what you need to be happy, but in an interdependant relati-on-ship they contribute as they provide additional heart-full benefits which support your 'happiness love tank' and enhance your collective lives.

When one partner grows and the other remains stagnant, bordeom sets in fast and the sameness stifles the relationship, sometimes it can lead to one trying to put the other down or in extreme circumstances it can lead to manipulation, gaslighting, absusive words and actions. If one becomes complacient it can lead to frustration which can cause respect to dwindle and disrespectful words and actions become the norm. If anyone over gives and the other takes things for granted it can manifest feelings of being undervalued and when we feel unappreciated it becomes a chore to do those kind things.

As time passes it's essential to be flexible, whilst infusing fun, creativety, freedom, spontaneity, new passions into the relationship, which enhances the love, creates mutual excitement and allows both the freedom to keep expanding and asending spiritually, sexually and emotionally.

When BOTH partners are also individually doing what they need to be truly fulfilled with their own happiness, working on themselves to maintain a healthy, purposeful, passionate, meaningful life which keeps evolving…it's eneviatable that beautiful expansion and dedication creates the juicy satisfaction which also benefits your partner.

Lorna Cameron 22/8/22 ❤️🔥❤️🔥


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