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Welcome to my website. My name is Lorna Cameron and I am a holistic health practitioner, artist and author. I’ve also created an organic, 100% natural 'From nature to nurture' skincare range.

I have always felt inspired and guided to help people from as far back as I can remember. My passion was further ignited by reading, learning and personal experience of the mind, body and spiritual connections. That personal experience of very complex chronic conditions, which affected all systems of my body, and had me bed bound for many years, challenged me profoundly. Dealing with my own severe M.E (C.F.S), and subsequent secondary conditions that manifested years later such as IBS, severe anxiety disorder, PTSD and endometriosis, that didn't respond well to conventional treatments, coupled with listening to others with chronic conditions who also felt medication wasn't the way forward, inspired me to gain my qualifications in holistic therapies.

Whilst I 
understand conventional medications and treatments can be life saving at times, I also know  from personal experience and by listening to others that they do not offer holistic healing or provide the holistic healthcare that person centred, functional medicine does for chronic conditions.

It's becoming much more widely accepted that the catalyst for many illnesses is stress. Chronic stress can put an incredible amount of strain on your system. The prevalent disharmony in our life can often lead us to become disconnected from ourselves and others, which can have devastating effects on our whole being.
Self examination, realisation, nurturing, patience, determination, courage, listening to others, helping others, and integrating many therapeutic disciplines into my day to day practice, is what helped me to recover and enhanced my WHOLE life beyond my wildest dreams. I'm extremely delighted and eternally grateful to be blessed in so many ways.
When you and I work together we focus on empowering you back to wellness. I believe 'Healing' is the art and science of nurturing wellbeing to flourish by promoting the body's innate self~healing mechanisms. We can make huge transformations through connecting with ~ listening to ~ and honouring what our mind, body and spirit communicates to us. When we use that wisdom to nurture ourselves from the inside out, we provoke those inherently powerful self~healing mechanisms that navigate us back to well~being. When we nourish, nurture and cherish, shifting out of conditioning, clearing out toxins, balancing our energetic body, embracing healthy relationships with ourselves and others, We then find the meaning and purpose that we need in order to Flourish in all aspects of our lives. 

I love learning new therapies and self development techniques, so keep a look out for further developments. I do a unique variety of therapeutic, holistic wellbeing workshops. I am also a member of the CMA (Complementary Medical Association), EFT international and am founder and director of The Flourishing Well Charity, who provide Holistic healthcare one to one therapies and wellbeing workshops for people with physical and mental health issues, people dealing with trauma and their carers who are experiencing financial hardship.

I won 'Transformational 
story of the year' award in 2018 from Health and Social care Alliance.



'Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food!'




'With the right intention ~ in the right environment ~ at the right time ~ Anything's possible'


Lorna Cameron

'Dreams and determination are a powerful combination!'


William Longgood


The subjects I am qualified in are:

  • Anatomy & physiology

  • Aromatherapy

  • Reflexology

  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

  • Swedish Massage

  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage

  • Oncology massage

  • Diet and Nutrition

  • Naturopathy

  • Philosophy

  • Client Psychology and Communication

  • Angelic Reiki

  • Channeled oracle card readings (Spiritual guidance)

  • Food hygiene certificate

Over and above the work I trained in and received qualifications for. I am a intuitive empowerment guide, and channeller. I have also read hundreds of books and thousands of articles etc... surrounding subjects such as psychology, child psychology, trauma, abuse, philosophy, parenting, relationships, self development, mental health, physical health, mind, body spirit modality subjects, past lives, shamanic, Ayurvedic, nutrition and lifestyle.  

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