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Throughout time I have had many people cross my path presenting various symptoms. With illnesses, issues and diseases such as cancer, M.E, C.F.S, P.V.F.S, fibromyalgia, COPD, M.S, motor neuron disease, dementia, Parkinson's, crohn's disease, IBS, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, hay fever, allergies, hashimoto's, sjogren's, lyme disease, lupus, meniere's disease, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, high cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, endometriosis, post natal depression, depression, bi polar, anxiety, P.T.S.D, schizophrenia, multiple personality disorders, carpal tunnel syndrome, performance issues, abuse victims and perpetrators, trauma, fatigue, gout, eating disorders, eyesight problems, sexual problems, relationship problems, parenting problems, domestic abuse, drug dependancy, migraines, thrush, cystitis, urine infection, athletes foot, back pain, sciatica, autism, aspergers, ADHD. 

Over and above the work I trained in and received qualifications for on the 'about me page' I have also read hundreds of books and thousands of articles - Surrounding subjects such as psychology, child psychology, trauma, abuse, philosophy, parenting, relationships, self development,  mind, body spirit modality subjects, nutrition and lifestyle. 

I'd like to thank all of you beautiful souls, not only for your bravery in sharing often heart breaking elements of your life with me, but also for the honour and privilege it has been for me to have listened to, learned from and worked with every single one of you. You have taught me so much, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your journey and also the wonderful words of testimony... 




"I can't thank you enough for all the help you have given my wife, we are eternally grateful. After her been sent to this place and that place it was such a relief to have been referred to you and know there are things that can be done to help, it has also helped me."


Steve 63

"You are such an inspiration, you have done amazingly well with your own health which has made me realise what is possible and inspired me to do so many things I hadn't realised. I was amazed after the second visit I walked in without my stick I've been using for years, my stomach issues are improved, and I am managing to be more assertive and pace myself better also, the art you suggested is helping with things too."

Liz 55

"You are a big inspiration, helping me to get out of my comfort zone, realising about sabotaging and just being around you has been such a wonderful thing that has been so helpful in gaining my confidence back."

Deanna 49


"Have been doing the 'whole shebang' and noticed my tremors this year are just about non existent, spasticity very rare and I'm managing the fatigue better, but the most amazing part is.. at my last MRI a few of the demyelination lesions have healed!!!"

Claire 39

"Just being able to talk about it, made such a difference, doctors just don't have the time, its all about medication."

Brianna 18


"The massage was amazing, so relaxing, pain went, felt all dreamy like. After it I felt charged and ready to take on the day. Thank you also for your advice on lifestyle, there were quite a few things I had no idea about, am looking forward to changing stuff."

Clive 35

"We are trying different things and the spark has come back, thank you."

Steven 38

"We are seeing things better from each others point of view, more patience and it has helped us to be more closer."

Aiden and Rianna 52 & 46

"Thanks so much for the magic, angel!"


Mark 29

"Had no idea something so simple would be so effective."

Rory 34

"Within a few months I only had one small patch of psoriasis left about the size of a two pence. It had been all over my head, some on my arms, stomach and legs. I think it was a combination of the balms and the nutritional advice, helped my arthritis pain too."

Mildred 84

"The reflexology was excellent, felt invigorated, much less fatigued, pain disappeared, mind way more alert, bit of a clear out too thankfully!

Brad 44

"I am much better equipped to deal with my own reactions to her angry outbursts, which makes it easier to get to speak to my daughter. I've decided to go for the new job as a carer, you're amazing thank you."

Stephen 26

"Wonderful massage, thanks for the bottle of magic. My migraines have just about gone, still working on the diet, yoga is helping, so is finding time for myself, thanks sweet one."


Lydia 35


"I wish I could bottle you, but I know you'd tell me it's not about you. Thanks for everything.


Andy 65

"Experimenting more with making own food, kids are helping too, cut out e numbers and trying to have less sugar."

Mel 39


"Getting rid of the toxic chemicals has helped my asthma go and I haven't used an inhaler for years now.'


Danny 21

"The itching has stopped and the other symptoms are much less."

Davina 48

"Incredible lady, if I Can do half of what you have done with your health I will be a very happy bunny."


Marrianne 38 

"I had no idea I could help myself with all these things, very empowering thanks for the info.

Lydia 30

"Was able to use the natural remedies for relief until I could get the appointment with the doctor, they really helped."

Margaret 74

"I don't really understand how the EFT works, but it works a treat I can tell you."

Monik 44

"Haven't touched the nutella since, which I was addicted to for God knows how long, working on rest of nutrition advice."

Morven 52

"Haven't had one single coke since, can't believe it."

Rebecca 16


"Not scared of spiders now, wouldn't want to share my bed with one like, but can take them out of the house and set them free."


Nigel 31  


"I'm using all the products you recommended, including your ones, took away the toxic ones too. All has helped, the wounds have finally healed, using your balms now and then when I get a wee stress flare, but mostly just your soap, really great, diet is better too, thanks so much!" 

Bobby 18


"Had no idea we were doing that to each other. Now that we know the kids are more settled, and we get things sorted quicker. "


Stephanie 28

"My kids are safer now I know what to do."

Em 38

"Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, it means a lot."

Jane 43

"You say things that we all want to say but are too scared to, it makes me laugh and sometimes a secret smile pops out, thanks very much for inspiring me to be more assertive, it's really working at work especially, much less anxious on my shifts".


Beth 60


"I'm able to go out now on my own, make meals which I didn't before and deal with problems better."


Sharon 25

"Didn't really think it was so quick to make food, actually enjoying seeing them happy to eat my meals."

Bella 24

"Your candles are better for my breathing, and the changes with the cleaning products, cutting out the sugar bit by bit, more veg, lethargy much less and learning to play the guitar has really helped with the other thing."

John 69


"Thanks for listening when mum couldn't, I knew I had some good ideas."


Brendan 5


"We are safer now mum is getting help."

Lily 8, Sky 6, Evan 4, Olly 1.


"I am able to speak to my family about the abuse, and protect my own children too with the information you gave me and realising about it all with EFT has helped with anxiety. I am eating healthier. I am more confident with speaking to people. There is still some things to deal with but am getting there.


Anna 33


"The reflexology sessions have been really great, have noticed I'm sleeping better, sciatica pain better, not so stressed about things and am making other changes too. "


Silvia 73

"The anger just went, stopped beating myself up, much calmer."

Steve 45


"Have ditched the HRT and applying the lifestyle and diet recommendations. Thank so much!"


Tracy 43

"So happy, just didn't like being on all those drugs, it really makes a difference, so much is possible."

Emily 41


"I don't enable her now, which has had a better effect for us both, we are working better as a team, healthier."


John 30

"Wee pot of magic...thankyou...thankyou...thankyou!"

Al 48

"We've all went to you at some point with our problems, you just seem to always know the right things to say, thank you for being you."

Nikki 22

"Cutting out the sugars and E's has helped with their behaviour, thanks for speaking to them too and highlighting things, we are now getting the support we need."

Rosalind 45

"You're amazing, so talented. Thanks so much for all your help. I am coping much better with everything and more confident with others."

Shelley 59

"The redness was all over my body from head to foot, was itching like crazy, very distressed, creams from doctor making it worst. What you gave me and told me meant that night was better, next day calmed down more and with each day went down more and more until by fourth day was significant, back to feeling normal, still a bit itchy, other things to work on, with  stress, allergens etc... but wow, relieved."

Sandy 21

"I had no idea it was possible to do that every day/night, I'm telling others about this."

Pedro 38

"I'm using it all, and paying it forward too, thanks so much!"

Leah 72

"Thanks for listening, no~one usually cares."

Bethany 22

"Thank you for all you've done, I really appreciate it so much I can't thank you enough. The referral helped too."


Bill 47


"I'm much better equipped to handle dads mood swings and be more assertive with mum too. My anxiety has improved, and I don't feel so scared anymore. It's been wonderful for me to soak up all that knowledge you have, such a pleasure."

Molly 40

"Alright, so I was resistant, doesn't mean I don't take note, cheers!"

Ben 50 

"I'm able to say 'no' now and not feel guilty. I don't feel I need to compete with mum anymore and am helping myself more with the weight issues. I am not addicted to that other thing either, the EFT helped so much."

Steph 18

"I must admit I didn't like what it was all about at first, but then when I calmed down, I knew it was for my own good and am open to anything that encourages my spiritual development."

Karen 67


"It's all helped... with my sore joints, stomach problems, high cholesterol levels, insomnia, and high blood pressure. Thanks very much once again."


lizzie 56


"You're a real inspiration, I am so proud to have been spending time with you. Thanks a million, much continued love and light."


Dee 27


"I am back at uni and enjoying life again. Have become more able to tell people how I feel, and the EFT is still helping me to cope with the other bits. Thanks so much from both of us."


Mel and Don 23


"I am doing the EFT everywhere, even on the bus, still have things to work on, but am not nearly so scared anymore."


Sandra 62

"Thanks for caring it can be lonely at times."

Grant 39

"Inspirational, thanks for everything beautiful."

Adrian 46

"Thanks for everything you have done for my daughter. It's been amazing seeing the difference.'

Jen 50

"I had no idea about all these things I can do to help myself thanks so much."

Rose 49

"I wanted to become an airline pilot, but didn't have 20/20 eyesight. I've become more confident in a lot of areas with all these things we talked about, I changed. The weird thing was when I went for my last appointment my eyesight was greatly improved!!

Gregor 38

"Holy ****, on a different level."

Shane 42


"Mum didn't realise what she was doing, but now I tell her it's better, dad is helping more by taking me out. Mum has people coming in to help now. And there are people helping at school. Thanks for all the apples and everything."

Ad 7 


"I felt the Angelic distance reiki in all the areas those days, we both wrote them down, when we compared notes we were astonished to see a perfect match with what you had seen through the angels healing sessions and what I had experienced!"

Gary 33

"It felt amazing, you are amazing."

Lee 39

"Beautiful massage, super work, lovely experience."

Roland 75

"Amazing massage, felt like I was in a trance, in and out of daydream, transported to another world."


Bella 25


Oncology massage testimony...


“So enjoyable, really good, very reassured by your approach and personality. Felt really invigorated afterwards...I could have sprinted home! More motivated throughout the week. Lovely experience. I think it’s really nice for people going through this to have something special to look forward to...been looking forward to coming back all week.“


Thank you to Joe for the lovely comments. Joe is dealing with a type of cancer called Follicular non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and is happy for me to share this information on here.

Testimonials for channeled oracle card readings... 


“This is not to be missed -- I had an oracle card reading from Lorna and was amazed at how accurate she was and totally at ease, worth having people, thank you Lorna.”




“I had my card reading done by lorna and was little nervous but as soon as I met Lorna she put me at ease and was lovely. She explained how the session would work and if I had any questions about what I was looking to get out of my reading , however I had not thought of this so I just went with the flow to see what would come up with. I had not met Lorna before this so when the session had started and I choose my cards and she began explaining them to me and how they related to myself, it was an eye opener as it was like she knew me and brought up work issues etc I had in previous job. Also certain things relating to everyday life . I would highly recommend lorna for card reading and I will be definitely be booking another reading. X “



“I was very happy with my reading from Lorna and found it to be very relevant to what was currently going on with my relationship with my partner, my relationship with myself and also my future direction. I also got good advice which was helpful plus some reassurance about another situation a family member is experiencing. A lovely lady too.”



"I received a card reading from Lorna and would totally recommended to anyone who is interested. She made me very at ease and explained what she would do and how she would do it. I didn’t have specific questions to ask so just asked for general guidance, this came through and was spot on with what has been, what is and what will be going on in my life. Again I would total recommend Lorna to anyone, she comes from the heart. The messages came through clearly and quickly...5 out of 5 stars. Thank you Lorna."




"I loved my reading I was a little nervous but had no need to be. It was a lovely experience with a lovely lady who I felt was a Friend right from the start. Can’t wait to do it again! X"



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