Price list



EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

EFT session and consultation ~ One hour ~ £50


Group sessions ~ 2 Hours ~ £20 per client


Zoom sessions ~ 60 mins ~ £50


Initial naturopathic consultations ~ £75 per hour and a half.  


Further appointments ~ £50 per hour.

Food diary analysis and written recommendations ~ £50 per hour.


Some follow up sessions can be done via zoom ~ £25 for 30 mins.




Reflexology with luscious organic butter from Butterflybees organic skincare range ~ 


Approximately one hour 15 mins including consultation ~ £35


Manual Lymphatic Drainage

One and a half to two hour treatment including consultation ~ £60


Oncology Massage

One hour 15 minutes treatment including consultation ~ £45



Aromatherapy full body massage with organic oils ~ £45

Approximately 1 hour 15 mins including consultation 


Back, shoulder, neck and arm massage with organic oils ~ £30

Approximately 45 mins including consultation


Aromatherapy facial treatment ~ £30  

Approximately 45 mins with consultation.


Includes five step treatment...

  1. Facial sauna 

  2. Organic superfood 'from nature to nurture' face mask.

  3. Organic toner

  4. Face and neck massage 

  5. Organic superfood for your skin moisturising treatment. 


Swedish Massage

Swedish massage with organic oils ~ £40

Approximately 1 hour 15 mins including consultation


Angelic Reiki

Angelic Reiki Healing session with channeled messages ~ £35

Oracle card readings


Fifteen minutes ~ £10

Half hour ~ £20

Full hour ~ £40

Group fermenting and raw food workshops

​Group fermenting (probiotic & prebiotic) and raw superfood workshops ~ £45 per person (2 hours)

Group fermenting (probiotic & prebiotic) workshops ~ £30 per person ( 1 1/2 hours).

Holistic Wellbeing creative workshops

Online workshops two hours £45 per head including materials and P&P.

Face to face workshops - From £45 per head.

For all therapies a 50% booking fee is required please.


Workshops full fees are paid when booking. 

If you are on a very low income and would struggle to pay the fees, please ask about special circumstances arrangements.

Consultation times can vary slightly, but I do like to give us plenty time to assess what your needs are and decide on the best possible treatment for you.