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Body Brush
  • Body Brush

    Our dry skin brushes are made with natural bristles.


    The benefits of dry skin brushing:


    1. It can help reduce the appearance of cellulite
    Cellulite is basically the dimpling of the skin due to protrusion of the subcutaneous adipose tissue. The subcutaneous adipose tissue is a connective tissue that stores fat and also insulates or "cushions" the body. Unfortunately, such a vital tissue gets bombarded with toxins to the point that they literally "heap up" or protrude the skin over specific areas of the body. By dry brushing the skin, you are able to massage the subcutaneous adipose tissue thereby breaking down the toxins that may be piled in it. These broken down toxins can then be eliminated through the skin and other "filtering" organs such as the kidneys. Regular exercise and healthy eating are recommended to speed up the elimination process commenced by dry skin brushing

    2. It Enhances Blood Circulation And Cleansing Of The Lymphatic System
    Toxins form part of our everyday lives; from the air we breathe, to the food we eat and the water we drink. Other organs in the body also release toxins as byproducts of their metabolism. It is the lymphatic’s systems responsibility to wash away these toxins.


    3. It Eliminates Dead Skin

    If you didn’t know this; yes, your skin dies! And it is then replaced by new skin cells. This process is so fast that we do not even realize it is happening. Dry brushing your skin expedites this process as it quickly gets rid of the dead skin cells thereby speeding up the formation of new ones. New skin cells are usually softer, smoother and have a natural glow. Who wouldn’t want to have new skin all the time.When you dry brush your skin, you improve blood circulation which in turn helps make the lymphatic system more efficient so that toxins are expelled faster.


    4. It Promotes Even Fat Distribution
    There is a high tendency for one section of our body to get more fat than the rest. This fat accumulation depends on the metabolism rates of such areas. Continuous dry skin brushing, however, can help evenly distribute the fat across the entire body instead of depositing them in the same places every time.


    5. It Enhances Nutrients Absorption By The Skin
    A mixture of dead skin cells, broken or crooked hairs, environmental pollution and sweat can block our pores. And sometimes, the regular daily shower may not be enough to fully clear these blockages. When this happens, the skin cannot effectively absorb vital nutrients and substances our body needs.Frequent dry skin brushing will help clear and open up the pores of the skin to freely eliminate waste and absorb nutrients, moisture and sunlight for overall well-being.


    6. It Rejuvenates The Nervous System
    Our nervous system plays a major role in the functioning of our entire body, and most of our nerve ending are near the skin. These nerve endings are responsible for communicating senses to the brain which allow us to react according to the situation. When a person regularly dry brushes their skin, these nerve endings are rejuvenated, making the body mucho more alert and responsive to stimulation, especially touch.


    7. It Enhances Digestion And Kidney Functionality
    The other important effect of dry brushing the skin is that, when the lymphatic system is cleansed, extra water and toxins that may be stored in the lymph nodes are expelled, which means the cells would need new supply of nutrients. The faster this cycle repeats the faster food is digested to provide nutrients. This relieves stress on the kidneys as filtering of the body system is also faster thanks to the supportive role of high functioning skin and fast-draining lymphatic system.


    8. It Smoothens And Tightens Skin
    As a person continually dry brushes their skin, the blood flow to and from the skin is enhanced. This, over time, strengthens the skin, giving it a natural glow and a smoother look and feel. The best part is, all the breaks in the skin that speed aging of the body are gradually reduced also as an effect of dry skin brushing.


    9. It Relieves Stress
    Many doctors and therapists have recommended dry skin brushing as a great means of releasing stress. The process is very meditating especially when done at a slow rate. Dry skin brushing has the added benefit of working deeply on the inside to get you relaxed and relieved.


    10. It Promotes Happiness
    The process of dry brushing your skin simply feels great! It is even better when done among the first things you do in the day. The improved circulation helps make you more alert and relaxed at the same time which gives you a sensation of joy and satisfaction that can positively affect the rest of your day.

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