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Organic Facial Spray
  • Organic Facial Spray

    Manuka honey water, tea tree water, Neroli floral water


    This organic neroli water toner is great for normal to dry skin, it is refreshing clarifying, refines pores, encourages good circulation and is very soothing. The aroma is Devine and emotionally just like neroli (orange blossom) it is very soothing for the nerves.

    Rose water again is good refining pores, it’s good for dry, sensitive, mature skin and balancing for hormones, some people also find it helpful to spray on eczema as a cooling and calming spray. 

    Tea tree water is antibacterial and great for oily skin which is prone to acne. 

    Manuka honey water is a great soothing and cooling spray for sensitive and problematic skin. 

    These bottles comes in a 50ml blue or green glass reusable bottle with spray atomiser. 

    These spray can also be used to freshen up fabrics.

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