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Organic Lime and Bergamot Soap
  • Organic Lime and Bergamot Soap



    lime oil, green clay, bergamot oil, citric acid, aloe Vera powder, sugar, salt, corn starch, coconut oil, sustainable palm oil, glycerin.


    This soap contains sustainable palm oil which gives it lovely moisturising properties, coconut oil which is full of potent antioxidants, antibacterial and anti fungal, aloe Vera powder known to be kind and healing to skin that is inflamed or irritated, and vegetable glycerin which again adds to the fabulous moisturising properties of this gorgeous soap as it is a humectant. It is made with organic oils and botanicals and has been tinted with my natural homemade plant dye.

    This beautiful butterfly soap is approximately 100g. The essential oils used are said to be beneficial for depression and grief as they are very uplifting. The green clay helps to draw out impurities. This soap is full of natural goodness which is very nourishing. 

    Suitable for over age 3. Always seek professional advice when using essential oils with medical conditions or when pregnant.

    All skincare products are made in sterile environment and containers and assessed then approved by a cosmetic chemist. 

    These artisan soaps have slight visual variations due to the handmade process and are 79% organic.

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