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Organic Room Fragrance
  • Organic Room Fragrance



    Lavender oil, palmarosa oil, lemon essential oil, lime essential oil, neroli flower water, cinnamon oil, orange oil, mandarin oil, petitgrain oil


    These room sprays are all made with only organic neroli orange blossom water and organic essential oils. They are packed it a glass bottle with a spray top. There are 100mls in each reusable bottle. Please shake well to disperse oils before spraying a few times in your room. Best not spray near or on polished surfaces but can be used as a pillow spray or on other bed linen etc...I use the lavender one to freshen up the dogs bed every now and then between washes. 

    These are in clear bottles with better spray mechanisms which cost more than the coloured ones. Normally EO are stored in tinted bottles as the light can oxidise them. Have tested these and they are fine if kept in dark place away from sunlight. 

    Orange and cinammon. Orange is known as the sunshine oil because of its wonderful uplifting aroma. The cinnamon oil is reminiscent of Christmas and both combined give off a beautiful warming, homely, uplifting aroma. 

    Mandarin and petitgrain are great oils for calming a busy mind, often used for nervous tension. Sweetly tangy, pure mandarin oil reduces the negative effects of daily stress, promotes deep, restful sleep, and supports feelings of contentment and well being. Petitgrain is used at times when one is healing from an illness and is convalescing, it has sedative and deodorising properties. With its sedative qualities inhaling it is a great tonic for the nervous system This has a sweet and slightly herbal scent. 

    Lemon and lime are uplifting oils, lemon is purifying and deodorises the air which helps eliminate strong odours. Lime is good at times of grief and depression. 

    Palmarosa is a beautiful aroma which is very close to the fusion of rose and geranium, feminine and beautiful. Its rosy fragrance will help comfort your mind and body. It may even calm nervousness, anxiety, and instill positivity. It's antiviral properties make it useful for a room spray where someone has a virus. 

    Lavender is of course very calming and soothing, very good for de-stressing and aiding a good nights sleep, it also has deodorising qualities. You can spray it into babies/children's room a short while before they are due to go to sleep and it will calm a fractious little one, which can aid a peaceful nights sleep.

    Sage and lemon is a great combination for cleansing and freshening a room. Sage is known for energetically clearing negative energy from a space whether that be home, office or therapy room.

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