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Luscious kissing lips and soooo much more!

My organic lip balms are so much more than a lip balm. Not only do they nourish and protect your lips from the elements, central heating etc... but they can be used as a dry end balm for your hair! By taking a tiny bit of the product and rubbing it between your fingers you can apply it to the tips of your dry hair or use it all over as you would a serum to calm frizz. Remember a little of my products go a long way! 

The Manuka honey one is particularly good for when you have a cold as you can use it on your sore red nose to soothe it and help it heal quicker. You can also use it to nourish little dry bits of skin. Another great option is to use it as a cuticle conditioner, and it is especially soothing and repairing for sore bits around the nails.

If you find your lips are especially rough after bad weather or a cold the first time you could start with mixing a tiny bit of balm with some Himalayan salt and exfoliate, then just rinse it off and apply again as you would normally. There will also be a certain amount of U.V protection in them because of the shea butter and coconut oil. 

There are six variations all made with potent plant extracts, with the butters, wax and my homemade herb infused oils, plus those combinations of delicious food grade organic flavours which deliver fabulous results, for you and the person kissing you! Choose from passionfruit, butterscotch, chocolate (made with organic raw cacao which is full of antioxidants), apricot, raspberry pink shimmer and Manuka honey. They also seem to plump up your lips my natural version of botox, but have definitely not had clinical trials conducted to prove this! You can buy the balms at my etsy shop, link on products page. All products are infused with love, assessed and approved by a cosmetic chemist and made with sterilised, non toxic, reusable, recyclable packaging, as I believe in being as kind as we possibly can  to ourselves and our beautiful planet.

Have a beautiful lip smacking day! 

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