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Natural, cheap, non toxic home fragrance solutions.

Making your own natural pot pourri costs pennies and is much nicer and healthier to breathe in. Just gather up some leaves, dried fruit, cones, driftwood, shells, dried flowers, porous stones. I like to dry the petals of any bouquets of flowers I receive, or buy myself, and I use them too. All you need to do thereafter is sprinkle 8 drops of your favourite essential oils onto all the bits and bobs. Them freshen it up every month or so when the aroma fades. My favourite oils for this are orange and cinnamon. The air we breathe in and the aromas we inhale can influence our emotions and have a big impact on how we feel. Unfortunately there can be a lot of toxic chemicals in commercial air fresheners and plug ins, which can affect our breathing, give us headaches, they can also have worst effects as I've said in other posts. 

Another way is to use a diffuser which creates a lovely ambience too, and you can get some that change colours as they diffuse. This one goes for about four hours at a time before you need to fill it up. These are ideal if there are children around and you don't want  to use candle oil burners. Mandarin, camomile or lavender are very calming for young children and animals, you only need to put about 5 drops of essential oil in the water.

Next is the oil burners. These are handy for the bathroom, in a therapy room or any other room or at a time where you don't want to hear the slight noise that the diffuser makes. Oil burners were better for me when I was really ill as I was very sensitive to the diffuser noise, that and the movement of it made me dizzy and sick. I like to use lemon oil in my oil burner after I have been cooking fish as it has wonderful freshening, cleansing and deodorising qualities. Again 5-7 drops in some water with your soya or beeswax candle underneath.  Lemon and sage is a nice combination too. I use bergamot when I feel a bit down as it is very uplifting. Mandarin and frankincense or neroli when I had anxiety.  Frankincense, sandalwood and camomile again are great calming oils, helping to slow down breathing for getting you into a meditative state. For brain fog, concentration, and to help with memory at times of study try some rosemary (don't use if you have epilepsy) and lemon oil. Orange is the sunshine oil and very uplifting. Rose and geranium are great for helping to balance hormones. These are just a few ideas there are many more, just ask...

And last but not least you can use my lovely organic room fragrances for your home, as a fabric freshener etc...You can find them and their therapeutic benefits here.

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