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Welcome to Butterflybees New Website!

Hello and welcome to my new website and blog. The focus of this blog will be happiness, wellbeing, fulfilment and encouraging growth to flourish.

Through time my blog will contain my recipes which are free from gluten, processed sugar and soya, with no artificial anything's, they are sometimes dairy free and vegan too. I will post many of my superfoods rainbow recipes and the occasional video, with little tips on interesting ways to enhance foods, energy saving techniques if you aren't well, wheelchair bound or short of energy time etc...

I will also post tips and videos of how to use nature to nurture and write articles about an eco friendly and non toxic lifestyle. I’ll be writing about recovery from illnesses, techniques, discovery, empowerment, therapies and inspirational quotes. Would love to hear your thoughts and experience too.

Have an amazing day!

Lots of love

Lorna X

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