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It's a wonderful time right now for many, but if you are struggling with things and all the changes that are going on with energetic shifts at this time, I send you lots of gentle hugs, healing wishes and ooodles of love.

I've had a few social events on during the week this week so decided to do a bit of work on the blog last night and today.

I wanted to talk about flourishing as it is a state of being that in those darkest moments that I wondered if I'd ever become. I had, now and then believed there were way too many obstacles to overcome. There is much to talk about and many stories to share. Sweet darlings I have shared some very private information on here, the reason I have done this is so that you know that I haven't just got here by the chance of a quick fix, or by changing a few things. I have got here by remaining open to all possibilities, experimentation, delving into the deep shadows of my being and looking very seriously at myself, my life, my relationships, and fixing all of that. I haven't got to a stage of flourishing by denying myself and my story. I wanted to let you see that it's okay to be vulnerable and its okay to have made mistakes. It's a big learning curve for everyone. It's how we pick ourselves back up, treat others, ourselves and continue to flourish that really matters.

Many people who have autoimmune disease are empaths. Being an empath can be a curse as much as a blessing, until you learn how to protect yourself effectively. Be careful about who you trust, sometimes the ones you think have your back are secretly stabbing you in it. But truth and light will always prevail. Be cautious about what you absorb as you listen to others, many have hidden agendas beautiful souls. Some like to see you remain in the clutches of the ‘fear based ego’ as they are scared of loosing you. For those who are unaware of this behaviour, they’ll tend to react in a way that will keep them chained into that state of imprisonment, which is one of the things that causes dis~ease. Freedom is such a feeling of Joyfulness and you know the difference between that and those uncomfortable feelings of the gut wrenching in response to something that doesn't serve your highest possible good. As you become more aware of this and follow its guidance you become much more conscious of the difference between that, and 'fear' which can also be felt in the gut. As the light transforms the tiny buds into blossoms your awareness raises your vibration and you know without a shadow of a doubt exactly what you need. Your instincts are your greatest ally, as no matter what others say or project at you, you have stepped fully into your power, and continually embrace the best possible version of yourself. Nothing or no~one can break that bond you have. You are surrounded by beautiful protective angels and beings of 100% pure light, continue to ask for their blessings, as the more you interact with them, the better it is for your higher self. You know your truth dear ones ~ Your beautiful soul is the best friend you will ever have.

Today I'm celebrating as I have just had some wonderful reunion news. I'm sharing some of my flourishing photographs with you. These were the very first photos I took when I started getting out and about again, many were taken from my wheelchair...

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