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Butterflybees from nature to nurture workshops in Edinburgh and Arbroath.

Butterflybees from nature to nurture wellbeing workshops.

Learn how to make your own organic ‘from nature to nurture' therapeutic skincare products, and eco friendly candles.

Around 60% of what you put on your body is transported through the skin into your blood stream. If there are any toxic chemicals, synthetics or artificial fragrances/colours in your products, which there are in many these days, then they can have an effect not only on your skin, but on your over all wellbeing. Sticking to natural products can make a massive difference not only to the reparation mechanisms of the skin but also the texture and vibrancy of your skin. These products don’t clog your pores and have wonderful protective qualities. Because they are organic, therapeutic and 100% natural they are also beneficial for various systems of the body. Additionally they contain luscious superfoods which can help to protect from cell damage and support skin regeneration.

These days will run from 1pm ~ 5pm and will include:

  • Making your own superfoods for your skin ~ I will show you how to make your own 100% natural, luscious, aromatherapy whipped body butters. You’ll be able to do aroma tests to see what your preferences are, with guidance on what oils will suit your individual needs.

  • Making your own aroma pulse point fragrance, which is a superb alternative for those people who are sensitive or intolerant to perfume. It is also a wonderful addition to just pop in your bag or pocket and roller on when you need a little aroma stress relief. If you get painful joints or muscles, it can be beneficial to make up a blend of anti inflammatory and analgesic oils and just rollerball it on when you are out and about.

  • Choose to make your own nourishing lip balm, dry sensitive skin nurture balm or foot balm.

  • We will also make our own eco friendly candles, which are much healthier to inhale than paraffin ones, they burn for four and a half hours with a beautiful bright soot free non toxic flame.

Butterflybees has an eco friendly ethos so all containers can be recycled or reused.

These workshops include all guidance notes, your recipes and fabulous organic ingredients. The first of these workshops is £55 on 03/06/18 then 29/07/18  in Liberi wellness centre Edinburgh and then on 12/08/18 in Heather Cottage crafts High Street Arbroath. For more details of these or any you'd like me to host at your place please email me on 

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