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Spirituality is the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.

So why has religious practice in some areas become the exact opposite of this. 

Every one has their own definition of what spirituality is, for some it is going to church every Sunday, and often feeling important as they force their 'certain type' of religion down your throat. For many it is a very lovely thing to witness, nice sense of  acceptance, positive community spirit, one would hope, nice spiritual practice about leading a decent moral and ethical life. Being loving, kind, considerate, and having a non judgemental attitude. Being of service to others...Yay! Well my experience of  religious practice and some of the people who go to church has not always been a good one, can you tell? Am I being judgemental? No not I! I am merely making a judgement about what is right for me and what is not. What's right for me...

Estas Tonne is my music God...

Everything in our universe is energy. I see spirituality as a loving connection to our sisters and brothers...mother earth...father sky...the universe...the Devine. I don't need to go to a fancy church embellished with gold and be mind controlled with religious dogma to feel and exude that. 

My spiritual practice involves loving and respecting myself which includes honouring what my mind, body and spirit needs to feel fabulous. There is no denying I've struggled with this for more than a fair part of this life!  I like to eat lovely clean soulful food, dance, sing and be as creative as I can be with the wonderful gifts I have been blessed with. I like to spend time with kindred spirits. I meditate each day, sometimes a few times a day, and connect with mother earth, father sky, God, the angels, and I pray for various blessings for others and myself. I read spiritual books. I am loving, respectful, kind and considerate to others, and sometimes go out of my way to serve others. I read and write inspirational quotes. I passionately respect the earth and the people on it, unless they disrespect the earth and people on it, then I find a way to shine a light on that, because it hurts me deeply to see and feel others in our universe hurting! I am fully aware that deep down we are all striving to be the best we can be and we should be considerate of others and their journey too. I am grateful and say so whenever I should to people, and most days to the earth, angels and to God. Although I could actually step that last one up a notch!

My spiritual practice has not always been this way in all ways as God him/herself has surely felt my disbelief, the wrath of my rage and had his/her ears furiously burned with my incessant shouting and screaming at troubled times...whilst on my knees forcefully banging the earth...I have no earthly idea what I thought I'd achieve by doing that! He also knows that sometimes my fireball of passion can trip me up, when it comes to the vast amount of patience it can take to allow certain types of things to happen! And he is also aware of the fact that I've been a complete arse at times...Lucky for us God is the forgiving type!

Below is a fantastic selection of books that have become my version of the modern day bible... 

"Today I choose to surrender my independence.

I choose to remember that I don't walk this path alone.

I am co-creating my world with my creator

As everything in this world is made of energy including me, I choose to welcome the energy of love and support into my life.

Today I choose to walk with the universe, knowing it's supporting every step I take."

Kyle Gray

"The past has no power over you. It is safe to let go now. It is time to live the life you were born to live.

Let the ceiling cave in so that the imaginary walls can collapse into themselves. Let the self-created prison crumble and turn to dust right before your eyes. Let LOVE reign, so that truth may reveal itself ~ then the lie will live no more. This is what it means to be free. Welcome home, dear one...welcome home."

Robin Leigh Vella

 "Thank you Jesus for drawing close now with your golden Christ energy and for bringing the miracle we need to change this situation...

...Thank you for consuming all fear, anger and frustration with your most sacred love and transforming it back into Devine love, we welcome your presence and your miracles now...Thank you. "

Kyle Gray

 "Self-knowledge is a vital step on the path towards enlightenment."

Dalai Lama

"These angels are not soft and indulgent, but nor are they bullies or tyrants who use severity inappropriately. They are unafraid of the grave secrets we have buried within ourselves. Their mission is to cleanse ~ exorcise our demons, to purge us of our fears, to remove our self imposed limitations."

Claire Nahmad

"But what of spirit? Where does all that life, energy and vitality go? Surely it can't just end? 

Some say it does...Others believe there is something more..."

Paddy McMahon

"The fascinating case which dramatically altered the life of patient Cathrine and Dr. Weiss, which provides important information on the mysteries of the mind, the continuation of life after death and the influence of how our past lives experiences can have an affect on our present behaviour!"

Dr.Brain Weiss

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