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M.E recovery and fun

Many posts on here will be discussing very serious matters and that's very important as there are very serious subjects that need talking about. But we so need to have fun too right.

So what do you do for fun?

Here’s mine...

At different levels of recovery depending on what my body and mind could handle I always tried to inject a little fun into each day. My 2nd husband always did have a great sense of humour so that helped a lot too. Sometimes in recovery when I just couldn't do much at all my husband and I would just play cards, and even though I couldn't sit up to do it, or even have a light on, he'd light a candle and we would play some card games just to break up the boring monotonous days and keep my brain ticking over.

For me I am very fortunate in a lot of what I do in life is fun for me as I have a lot of creativity interests, apparently I am a Multipotentialite. 🌈

It’s great just to switch off, chill out and watch something that makes you giggle or even better produce big, happy belly laughs. I love to  watch and listen to Peter kay, Billy Connolly, Russel Howard, Russel Brand, Frank Spencer, Jack Whitehall and his dad with his dry sense of humour, Melissa McCarthy, Barbra Streisand and programmes like Friends and Grace and Frankie have me in stitches. 

I love to dance when I’m well enough and like to do shamanic and African tribal dancing as it's a great way to express your emotions, especially when things in life get too much. I’ve often even done it when I’m sitting in stages of remission. I find it very therapeutic and hypnotic. 

I love to create with my crafts, art, natural products and I also have a lot of fun cooking too. Spending time with kindred spirits, going out for meals, theatre, cinema. Going to the beach or nature walks are always fun. Listening to music and singing too. Reading has always been good fun for me, so has yoga, cycling and swimming.

I have a guitar, harp a couple of djembe drums, maracas, finger guitar and tambourine and I have a little shimmy on them from time to time, which is fun. Mostly the drums though as I find I can get lost in the rhythms. I was starting to wonder if I had really just become a collector of instruments, but then I realised maybe it’s my voice that’s the instrument I needed to concentrate on, and that all of these other ones were just a distraction of some sort. I see my guitar sitting there and I have no urge to play it, as I know I'm just really not good at it. I think I probably felt obliged to learn it as it was the last thing my dad gave me as he said his goodbyes when I was five, so I suppose I thought I should do it maybe as some sort of obligation or tribute. Until I realised that I actually don't even like playing it. I love to hear people playing and I admire them for it because I find it so so hard to do. I've had three different instructors since I was twelve and it just never sticks with me...I feel awkward when I'm playing and I really just don't enjoy it. I’ve also had five different styles and colours of guitars which hasn’t made a blind bit of difference. So I've just had to come to the conclusion that it's not my instrument and move on, every so often I give it a little attention so it doesn't feel lonely but that's it.  

Anyway no matter what stage you are at it's important to have laughter as your medicine too, and a good strong dose a few times a day at least is best! 😀Even at times threaded throughout all the heartache, struggles, pain, mishaps, embarrassments... if you loosen out and untangle from all the seriousness of it all there will be at some points those really hilarious moments too. 

What do you like to do for fun lovely people? 

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