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Summarised version of what helped me on my road to recovery.

"Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding."

Kahlil Gibran

"Let no one take your truth and trash it with their assumptions, as it is the compass which navigates you to the true knowledge of your souls essence."

Lorna Cameron

Today I am sharing with you some percentages that I've noted and kept a check on throughout time of the types of things that helped me to recover and continues to enhance my well being to this day.

  • Diet ~ Elimination of inflammatory and toxic foods & introduction of balanced, organic and anti-inflammatory foods ~ 30%

  • Sleep and rest when appropriate ~ 20%

  • Introducing therapies, creativity, meditation, mindfulness, spiritual practice ~ 15%

  • Removing toxic relationships, toxic household/environmental substances, products and detoxing ~10%

  • Exercise (swimming, walking, yoga, Tia chi, cycling) ~ Paced at the appropriate level for each stage of the illness ~ 10%

  • Grieving, acknowledging feelings, honouring emotions & shadow aspects, embodying true love, receiving, nurturing, forgiving, kindness, gratitude, going with the flow ~ 10%

  • Confidence building following long term illness ~ 5%

These percentages are my experience and won't necessarily reflect yours. Although I do think the content for everyone is very important ~ even crucial, just that the percentages may vary. More expansive versions of this is in wellness buddies post and threaded throughout the nutrition, inflammation, toxins, pacing and mind body spirit posts.

I thought I was leading a relatively clean life in many ways apart from the more obvious toxicity in the fact I’d previously smoked and drunk alcohol at times (which I gave up seven years ago). But it turns out when I really got down to researching it thoroughly that there was much more toxicity in everyday products that I had been exposed to which I had no idea about! So this is the subject of my next post. Even though this is one of the most important issues, I’ve left it until now as I had to think long and hard about how to present it to you in a way that is most productive and helpful, all things considered.

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