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Dog organic grooming products by Butterflybees.

Have made many dog grooming, protection and nurturing products for our Toby boy all those years, can't believe he is 91 now, still bounces about like a puppy, and all he fought through too, amazing! So now having decided to bring in organic dog grooming products to Butterflybees range they have to be tested on other dogs too, in the nicest and most natural way possible. These dogs needed to be varieties of small and large, long coats and short coats, sensitive skins and normal skins. Anyways that's all the furry friends recipes made up, tester products distributed out to all my furry friends and their families, and also some dog grooming salons. These are for the dog conditioning flea protection shampoo, doggy sensitive skin conditioning flea protection shampoo, doggy flea and tick prevention spray, doggy paw and sensitive skin balm, doggy toothpaste, doggy calming spray, doggy deodorising spray for fur and bed.

I hear all the dog guardians saying yay, how lovely! And the furry friend's going boooo, no way, we love our freshly rolled in fox poo smell, and our bad breaths, why d'you have to go and spoil things! And then I say "but dogs we love you whether you smell or not, you're just so much easier to live with when you don't." Then they say "okay then go on, but only if you scratch behind my ears and tickle my tummy half way through and also for a while when your done?" And so we say "Course we will you, you gorgeous cutie pie, and you'll even get one of those lovely homemade treats too if your a good boy/girl!" Now everyone is happy isn't that just Devine.

Here's me testing the PH levels of the doggy products to make sure they are suitable levels for nurturing our gorgeous best friends.

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