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Continued professional development 2018/19.

I do much in the way of CPD. As I love my work so much, I’m often watching videos, engrossed in webinars or reading books and articles that will enhance my knowledge and in turn the experience for us when we do a session. 

Working through the amazing videos and workbooks with the Kyle Gray angel tribe teachings. Love the way this guy does his thing, him and I have a very similar energy. He has me in stitches at times with his vibrant personality and cheekiness. 😃 

Anyways the course itself is a very exciting continued professional development for me. An extension to what I do with my Angelic reiki. I’m enjoying getting to know the workings of the individual angels on a more personal level. With the Angelic reiki itself I’m loving working with it, we have had very powerful healing sessions and I’ve channeled important and life enhancing messages for people. Thank you Angels💜👼 💜The Angel tribe teachings are helping to enhance my experiences with these connections and learning to do oracle card readings is a wonderful addition to this powerful experience. All the resources provided, the live calls, connections, online support and interactions with kindred spirits in Angel tribe just make this an all round amazing journey. 

November - Excited to be training in oncology massage.

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