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Naturopathy...The law of cure compared to the suppression of disease...

The law of cure is a way of looking at healing the body. It knows that the body heals itself from the inside out, and that disease symptoms disappear in reverse order to what was affected, so that the last to be affected is the first to heal, healing vital organs first before healing less vital organs.

Suppression of disease can offer temporary relief of symptoms. Giving pharmaceutical drugs can seem like they minimise things at first, but can often have problematic side affects, which can in the short or long term make matters worst. This does not treat the root cause of disease.

The law of cure and the suppression of disease interact with each other mainly because they are polar opposites. One (law of cure) nurtures the body, mind and soul to activate its own innate healing mechanisms, using natural non invasive methods, and the other (suppression of disease) actually suppresses it, often leading to the body, mind and soul creating symptoms in order to be heard, and communicating for the real cause of disease to be addressed. This is especially prevalent with medications for autoimmune disease, where the drugs suppress the immune system, but then ultimately it generally leads to the person becoming sicker and may lead to further complications. It’s not to say that certain pharmaceutical drugs don’t have their contributions and place in saving lives but...

Modern medicine often uses drugs or surgery to treat symptoms, and ignores many of the vital contributions that traditional medicine has made to the treatments of disease. It works in contrast to traditional medicine which acknowledges the whole person as an individual, the interplay of the bodily systems, inner world and outer worlds and what they are communicating to us.

Naturopathy is a form of natural alternative medicine which focuses on helping to activate the bodies own innate healing mechanisms. It is based on the idea that vital energy guides body process such as growth, reproduction, metabolism and adaption. Naturopaths will look at your diet, lifestyle, environment, mind, body and soul, medical history and treat you holistically. There are a great many natural variations and nurturing aspects to a naturopathic treatment, including practices such as Ayurvedic, TCM, supplemental and herbal if necessary. It is always tailored to the individual needs of the client. By applying  those bespoke principles which enhance your own unique wellbeing experience. The possibilities are that "you" the client benefits in ways that can more effectively identify and address the root cause of "your" disease.

'With the right intention 

In the right environment 

At the right time 

Anything's possible!'

Lorna Cameron

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