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Fear ~ Overcoming it.

Fear creates a number of biochemical reactions within our system and is a vital response to physical and emotional danger. I believe that fear has become one of the biggest toxins around in our world these days. But what if the thing we fear (false evidence appearing real) is just an illusion. What if that thing ‘we believe’ there is to be fearful of, REALLY is just an illusion? And the truth of the matter is that our  previous life experience and habitual thought patterning has jaded things to such an extent, that we end up believing the molehill has become the mountain that’s impossible to climb. 

Every day is a new day ~ every hour is a new hour ~ every moment is a new moment. Letting our fears control our lives is soul destroying. I’m not saying our fears are to be shoved away, not at all, it is important to honour what our fears are communicating to us, as there are a lot of learning opportunities in facing our fears 

Our bodies and even life in general doesn't respond positively when our thoughts have created an inner landscape that is the polar opposite to the rich fertile soil we need in order for our seeds to germinate. We need to be aware of, and nip those illusions in the bud. Feed them with that rich, fertile, warmth of our love, so that we can cultivate a soul garden that is truly flourishing.

How many times have you heard someone or yourself say "Well I'm not going to do that, because if I do, this will happen?" How do you know this or that will happen? How can you be sure? What would happen if you fired up your curiosity and just stepped over that threshold?  What would happen if you fully embraced the great mystery of life, and danced with it?  

Very early on in my healing journey I read Susan Jeffers book 'Feel the fear and do it anyway.' This book resonated very well with me, as I had always been a warrior type right from day one, despite having a mammoth amount of fears to work through. I've lost count of the amount of times where I have been shaking so much inside that I thought I'd just shatter into little pieces, whilst not only facing the many fears that this illness has brought about, but also the ones highlighted to me by digging deeper. I knew for sure that with every fibre of my being I had, and always will be a survivor, and that being a victim for even a second of my life would just not enter my personal arena. I did/do know people who had/have become victims and rather than look at their behaviour it becomes easier for them to either wallow in it, or project this on to others. Unfortunately denying destructive behaviour doesn't serve anyone in any positive way. I'm not judging them for their victimhood or saying they should blame anything or anyone. Sometimes it is just a simple case of people not being aware of what they are thinking, feeling, saying, or doing. 

Some people decide to modify their behaviour and are able to eventually eradicate the patterns that don’t serve them well, when they become aware of it, but some decide not to, that is their choice and everyone is entitled to their choice. Sometimes it is because it's just not the right time for them to understand or even accept that they'll have to face certain fears in order to triumph over the adversity, and other times the reasons behind it can be much more deep rooted, complex and cause a lot more misery and destruction.

Psychological reversal comes up quite a lot when I do E.F.T with clients. There’s often that inner language that feels too much like part of us it’s very hard to shift, because it is so hardwired into the very primitive parts of our brain. It’s understandable that blessing those neural pathways with techniques that bypass that ingrained conditioning is far from easy. But with optimal communication, perseverance and commitment, taking good care of that part of yourself too, not only rewires your brain but can also boost your wellbeing on many levels that may well astound you, which thereafter enhances your whole life. 

There are various methods I use to help empower clients back into connecting with what will serve them much more creatively and efficiently for their highest possible good. 

Desensitisation is a method used to reduce or eliminate an organism's negative reaction to a substance or stimulus. I have intuitively used this with many people and myself throughout my life. I have witnessed its profound efficiency many times over.  It's  something that works very well within an E.F.T session when dealing with fears and phobias.

I love this quote ‘Courage is not the absence of fear but the mastery of it’ by Mark Twain.  

The most powerful force is love ~ Reaching back in and reclaiming your power and becoming master of your own universe is the best gift you'll ever give yourself.  

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