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I woke up at exactly 3:33. The number 3 features extremely frequently in my life, as does 11. The number 3 refers to the trinity and if you see a lot of it, it means Jesus is emphasising the message you have been receiving and that you are also receiving Devine protection, help and guidance. Seeing a lot of 3s can also signal that you are living from Love, your higher self and the Holy Spirit. I have Dragon Oracle cards and they had a similar message for me yesterday.

Awakening is a shift in consciousness in which thinking and awareness are separate. If you practice mindfulness daily and often, it helps cultivate this awareness, so that instead of being lost in your thoughts you are assisting the expansion of your consciousness. Awareness is a conscious connection with Universal intelligence. This intelligence helps us to raise our vibrational frequency, and we are given access to that information that better serves ourself, others and the planet in ways that are in alignment with the highest good for all.

I have absolutely loved watching Russell Brand evolve and triumph over adversity ~ I adore his amazing brain and eloquent use of language. His recording about awakening says it all...

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