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One of the best teachers ever says make the most of every minute and he sure did!

Today I felt a similar feeling to the day that Robin Williams passed over, as another one of the bravest, most unique individuals Stephen Hawkins passes over. Not only did he have an amazing mind but he also had a heart of gold, and that really funny mischievous side I adore too. And although him and Robin were different in some ways they had a lot in common.

The most profound teachings Stephen Hawking's had in my eyes was not about the 'theory of everything' by way of explaining all known physical phenomena, black hole information paradox, quantum gravity...It was about 'mind over matter' 'triumph over adversity' 'courage and determination.' And the most remarkable power our spirit has to overcome obstacles when we tap into that driving force, when we ignite the fire in our belly and the love in our heart, when it is unlocked by curiosity and a willingness to make a difference. So in its essence I believe the biggest lesson here was about 'the power of love.'

I know he didn't believe in God or the afterlife but as Stephen Hawkins passes over I see him smiling, then laughing deep from the belly of his beautiful soul within those sparkly eyes as he encounters both.

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