World health hero's ~ Join, apply or refer someone you think could do with our support.

I am a proud member of The World Health Heroes. I am delighted to tell you that the clinic service is now up and running as from today. This type of service and support is something I had dreamt about for years whilst I was ill, not just for me but for everyone possible. Then I met this lovely tribe and just knew it was just the 'right fit.'   

  "Here at the heroes we are building a community of people who bring an expansive range of complementary health therapies, alternative treatments and spiritual guidance to people who otherwise wouldn’t have access. We believe in a holistic, person centred approach and support to the client. Having a diverse range of offerings within our directory is extremely important and a choice for the client is essential. We interview, vet and research all of our joining members and our work with the clinic service is quality controlled and the heroes taking part being handpicked by our committee team.  We ask our members to respect, understand and support each other so we can help the client. Reviews, feedback and experiences can be sent to us through our contact page of the website to allow us to uphold the best possible service to those who we support" 

Owen Morgan

World Health Hero’s Founder and managing director.