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Special offer on therapies...

Hi there just to let you know that as from September I will be at House of therapies 125 High Street Arbroath once a week on a Wednesday, and available for appointments from 8am - 8pm.  For the first month I will be offering 25% off all my treatments.  So do come along and treat yourself to some well earned nurturing. I will also be doing group workshops every month. Here are the usual prices before discount...

Naturopathy - £60 for first session with consultation - 1 hour 30 mins. £40 - one hour sessions.

As a naturopath practitioner I look at your external and internal health. For instance how diet, lifestyle and various other elements could be having an impact on your health and wellbeing. Together we look at things that can help to reduce inflammation and stress which can help with pain relief and other ailments. We look at ways of harmonising your external and internal environment, so that your whole being can flourish in all areas of life.  

EFT (emotional freedom technique) - £40 - one hour.

EFT is a fusion of ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology. It works with our conscious and subconscious mind and the various meridians of the body on an energetic and deep level, diffusing unhelpful thought patterns and unhealthy behaviours, so that they don’t have a negative impact on the various systems of the body. It has been very successful in helping with the symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress, addictions, food cravings, weight issues, pain relief, performance issues etc…This therapy is something that can be taught to you so that you can use it on yourself where and when you need to.   

Angelic reiki - £30 - one hour.

Angelic reiki is done while you are fully clothed. It is a calming and powerful channelled healing modality, which can be very beneficial for all illnesses. Aside from the mind body and soul harmonising that happens throughout a healing session, people have also had various insights and answers to problems coming through for them. There are no contraindications with it so can be used with clients who may not be able to receive other treatments for whatever reasons.  

Reflexology - £30 - one hour. Reflexology with foot spa and Butterflybees organic foot scrub - £35 - 1hour 15 mins. 

Various parts of the feet are connected to all parts of the body. Reflexology works on the various reflex zones on the feet, by clearing out blockages which can inhibit the body’s own natural healing mechanisms. A reflexology session is beautifully calming and can be used for helping to restore equilibrium, and therefore ease a wide range of symptoms. 

Aromatherapy massage - Full body massage using organic oils - £40 - one hour. Back, shoulders, neck and arms - £30 - 30 mins.

Aromatherapy is a caring hands on therapy which induces a deep state of relaxation, helps to increase energy, ease pain, stress and restore balance to mind body and spirit. As an aromatherapist I can also make up specific blends that are unique to you, which you can even take home if you need to. The blends can help with muscle and nerve pain, inflammation, spasms, stress, and the symptoms of many illnesses whilst we get to the root cause. I also have an organic 100% from nature to nurture skincare and artisan soap range, which is beneficial for skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and other sensitive skin problems.

Aromatherapy facial using Butterflybees superfoods for the skin, 100% natural organic skincare - £30 for 45 mins. 

Organic cleanse, tone, superfood facescrub and mask, followed by a lushious face and neck massage. Which increases circulation, irradicates dull dead skin cells, to bring forth a beautiful, radiant natural glow.

Swedish massage - £40 - one hour.

Ideal for specific problems such as muscle tension and tendon and ligament problems. Can be used to relax muscles after physical exertion or warm and loosen them up in preparation for exercise. 

I’m offering 25% discount off all therapies for all of September at House of Therapies. Also going to be doing group pamper sessions and various workshops each month. Booking essential at 01241 870211. Please note a 50% cancellation fee applies for therapies cancelled within 48 hours of appointment time, excluding emergencies. 

If you’d like to find our more then please have a look on my website:

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