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Moroccan Lamb (Veggie option too)!

My version of Moroccan lamb, no chillies in this one, especially for those who come to dinner but prefer warmth spice but don't like it too hot. If you prefer it hot you can add a chilli or two. If you are vegetarian you could swap the lamb for aubergine, chickpeas or butternut squash. A beautiful beautiful vibrant, nutritious warming dish for these crisp Autumn days...

Moroccan Lamb

Serves 4:

Prep time 10 mins

Cooking time in slow cooker 5-6 hours


2 lamb steaks

Carton of cannellini beans

2 cartons or large bottle of chopped tomatoes

Couple of handfuls of shitake mushrooms

A leek

Green pepper

Two sticks of celery

Six cloves of garlic

Tablespoon of raw honey

Teaspoon of turmeric

Teaspoon of cumin

Teaspoon of ground coriander

Teaspoon of marjoram

Teaspoon of yellow mustard seeds

Teaspoon of onion granules

Half a teaspoon of cinnamon

4 cloves

4 cardamon pods

4-6 pinches of salt

2-4 pinches of pepper

Big bunch of fresh coriander

Ghee, butter or olive oil for frying lamb

Coconut oil for frying Kale

Yogurt to serve

Tender stem broccoli



Brown the cubed lamb in your pan, put mustard seeds cloves and cardamon pods in pestle and mortal and crush, discard the outer parts of cardamon. Put rest of spices salt and pepper in the and pestle them all together. Add them to the lamb, add cubed leek, crushed garlic, green pepper, mushrooms, tomatoes and beans. Cook for 5-6 hours in slow cooker. Add honey at last minute. Serve with Kale and tender stem broccoli fried in the pan with coconut oil onion salt, put the lid on and cook on moderate heat for a few minutes. Serve lamb with yogurt and fresh coriander.

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