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Relationships healthy behaviour vs toxic…

Twisted love has been made to look normal by people who have often been unaware they have abusive or controlling ancestral core wounds. Until they become conscious of the devastating effects on their mind, body and spirit they continue to

consciously or subconsciously repeat these toxic patterns.

Normalising the behaviour within families means they seek out trauma bonding

relationships with intimate partners, friends, tribes and wider communities.

Turning a blind eye produces a collective Stockholm syndrome pattern which creates unhealthy and sometimes devastating consequences for generations.

Normalising unhealthy behaviours doesn’t make it a healthy relationship.

Healthy, happy relationships blessed with mutual core values, germinated from the heart and soul of true love, cultivate collective respect, trust, harmony, peace and security.

‘Being’ the frequency of true love with healthy boundaries is universal soul medicine. 💗🙏🏻💗


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