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Welcome to Butterflybees Holistic Wellbeing & Organic Skincare


May your heart be full of love
May your home be full of laughter
May your health be blessed with wellness
May your journey be fulfilling

Love Butterflybees


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Welcome to my website. You can contact me directly from this website to book an appointment.


My workshops can be done online and in person. Many of my therapies can be done online too.


You can order my 100% natural, organic skincare products on the shop part of this site! Most are suitable for vegans, great for sensitive and problematic skin. You will find full descriptions of the therapeutic value of each ingredients in product information.

My Butterflybees 'From nature to nurture' superfoods for the skin Facebook page link is also on the contacts page, where I post products in the making, new ideas, tips, finished products, special offers etc. Look out for the latest creative holistic wellbeing workshops too.



Holistic health is about caring for the whole person (mind body and soul). Providing for your physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and social needs. The goal is to achieve homeostasis, maximum wellbeing where mind, body and spirit are all functioning well. I use my experience, the healing modalities I gained qualifications in alongside intuition and other soul empowerment gifts to empathically enable others to access their own innate healing mechanisms which help people to nourish, cherish and flourish.


WRASAC refers clients to me to help support ladies dealing with rape and sexual abuse. I also supports clients referred to me from Womens Aid and GP's surgeries.


I do one to one empowering sessions from my therapy room here in Saint Cyrus which helps to nurture, support and empower clients who have physical or mental health conditions and people who've been through trauma.

I founded and direct a holistic wellbeing charity called 'The Flourishing Well.' We provide Holistic Therapies and workshops for people dealing with health issues and their carers who are experiencing financial hardship.  You can find out more about it here.

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