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Don’t you think kindness is one of the greatest gifts you can give or receive. I find it sad sometimes when people say they are too busy for ‘this or that’ especially when it comes to nurturing themselves or others. Nourishment of your soul is so vital especially today in this so called ‘busy world.’

I believe being kind is part of our essence and it really can make someone else’s day. A kind word, some encouragement, practical help, a prayer, a donation etc...Can all make such a difference in this world and it also warms our heart to know that we’ve helped in some way. It’s sometimes good to ask what help is needed, then in other cases Intuitively thinking of others and what they might need is perhaps best...and in some instances they really don’t even actually need to know it’s you that’s been kind.

Isn’t it wonderful when someone actually goes out of their way to brighten your day? When was the last time someone did that for you, and what was it? When was the last time you did that for someone else, and what was it?

I do these type of things quite a lot and it’s not something I feel I need to go talking about normally, as that’s not what it is about, so am only doing so here for the sake of this post, because I really do believe it is one of lives most important things. Kindness was always something that never needed to be talked about really, we just did it day to day but now it seems like a lost art a lot of the time and I find that sad. It’s like humanity has become robotic.

For me one thing this week was taking a warm jumper, blanket, hat and some homemade food to a homeless person called Jason, who I pass each week when I’m going to my class. I usually give him money but last time as it was so cold I asked him if these other things would be of any help to him. I also asked Jason if he had one wish what would it be. He couldn’t think of one for ages...Somehow I thought he’d have a long list of them. I did some reiki for him. Please do what we can individually and collectively for the homeless in our cities as it must be a nightmare for them especially at this time of year, and from what I’m seeing the situation really isn’t getting any better. Please please don’t walk past homeless people...If you're in Glasgow & see someone sleeping rough, call this number: 08000277466 @SimonCommScot). Or help the person get to 35 East Campbell Street, G1 5DT and they'll get a bed. If you see someone sleeping rough anywhere please call the rough sleeper team on 0800 970 2304 (England) 07999872928 (Dundee). Angie, Jason, James, Petra, Darren, Mike, Dionne, Anne Marie, Bev, Chris and Stewart are just some of the names of the vulnerable homeless people in just a very small section of one little city here in Scotland.

I myself have been blessed with many kind words of encouragement from people this week, as it was a very emotional one coming into this new moon. I’ve also been so grateful for some practical help with setting up my products stall, from one of my very dear wonderful soul mates.

Other ways to gift kindness ~

  1. Clean rubbish off the beach

  2. Tell all the people you come into contact with to have a lovely day.

  3. Take your neighbours bin out/back on bin day.

  4. Make lunch for someone.

  5. Leave a ‘You’re just wonderful’ post it note on a park bench, someone’s door or car window.

  6. Smile at everyone you meet.

  7. Never miss the opportunity to tell your loved ones that you love them.

  8. Pamper yourself.

  9. Ask your neighbour if you can get them anything from the shop when you’re there.

  10. Make some food for a new mother.

  11. Open the door for people.

  12. Speak and listen to a homeless person, give them your love.

My heart was warmed here again recently as I heard of a community cafe project, where we give food and/or time to help those who have to spend Christmas Day alone to enable them to come together and enjoy the festivities. 💜

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