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Unconditional love

When you are born it seems like a birth right, paramount even, that your parents and even your extended family would be the ones to teach you about unconditional love. Unfortunately for some of us that is just something that didn't happen. But you don't need to be taught about unconditional love to extend that type of love to is the essence of us is the divine part of all of us.

Growing up I vividly remember the same questions going round in my head when I was with my family "who are these people and why are they acting so strangely!" I had unconditional love woven throughout my entire being in abundance, and yet it was always looked down on, pushed away, made to feel like it was something terribly bad. They acted so alien like, so very, very different to me, I couldn't understand it. I often felt like there had been no human beings and where on earth was the stork. That spaceship had most definitely dropped me off in the wrong location! That's why I spent so much time in nature, often my family couldn't find me, and they all kept thinking I was the one who was lost. 

When you are rejected, abandoned and even worst as a child you tend to reject parts of yourself. When your mother, the one person that is supposed to love and accept you unconditionally above all others does the exact opposite, it becomes very difficult to accept yourself, you can end up hiding in the shadows, when you hide in the shadows you can become prey for other predators of the darkness. If you can't accept yourself how are others going to accept you? 

Here's what I found out because of what I went through...

The part of me that is my essence, in alignment with my souls desire and life purpose is unconditional love, it's that part of me that always gave me the right answers. If something was off kilter or not good for me that part of me would highlight it through my gut instinct, if I listened to that then all was well. Sounds really easy when I say it like that doesn't it, and yet...When you have experienced twisted love in your early years, when much of your brains major development is being established, then that twisted love from your ego is what you learn to connect with above all else, as in a weird kind of way it brings you comfort. It goes into battle with your psyche’s essence of unconditional love as it sees it as an invader and tries to annihilate it. Your loyalty is with the twisted love as that is what you have learned from your primary caregivers, the 'data' over rides the instinct, the communication has been tattoo'd into the deepest most primal part of your brain, and you can project that energy onto others without being aware of it. That’s why at times we’ll be thinking the law of attraction isn’t working for us but it’s because what we are saying consciously is being overridden by our subconscious beliefs and fears. 

When you have a thought do you ever remember thinking to yourself  'who the heck is that, 'cause it sure as hell isn't me?' Does it ring a bell? Yeah it did with me too. Then that bell became an orchestra! We need shadow to see how bright light is...Things changed a lot when I became the conductor!

So you can give out unconditional love as much as you like, it's wonderful, people love it, don't they? And they will always respond by giving it back to you of course as what you give out you will receive back, right! Well not always because a lot of people reject it, just as we may all have experienced at some points of our life, as it becomes rarer and rarer, almost like an endangered species. But then wait a minute you can't expect back anyway because if you do then you are placing a condition on your love, then of course it wasn't unconditional love in the first place! Talk about mind boggling! Aha, but pure love doesn't come from the mind does it, and that's where we can all fuck it up, every single one of us can do that. It then becomes about projecting twisted love. Real love comes from the heart. So that means even when we or others have fucked it up dear ones we need to know that no good can come from continually shaming and blaming ourselves or others for things that we, or they were not conscious of. We all still have our karmic debt to sort out because of those subconscious thoughts, deeds or actions, but with empathy, awareness and a conscious effort to put things right, harmony can flourish for all. Sometimes it is only when we project these subconscious beliefs onto others we finally become aware of them ourselves, it is then that we can consciously make the choice to become aligned with true love in us all for further words, deeds and actions. Transmuting any undesirable behaviour into something that comes from a place of love and acceptance. It is from that place that we become connected to Divine source, but not attached to any sort of outcome, as we have the trust that is needed to have faith in the Devine designing and timing of thing.

We all want to feel loved and accepted, no man or woman is an Island. People can say I don't care if this person likes me or that person likes me, and possibly it doesn't really matter in the long run, as that is always going to happen. What  people like or dislike can have all sorts of reasons behind it, which really has nothing to do with you. As long as you love you that's all that matters, and of course there will be those significant people in your life, who will love and support you for who you are no matter what is going on in your life. Some of us can actually have more lone wolf type of tendencies and genuinely really love our own company, but we do need to be with those significant others at times, we need to be loved, needed, touched and appreciated in relationships and visa versa. When kindred spiritual tribes unite and the light of unconditional love gets brighter darkness can't penetrate that power. We all have those different and sometimes unique personalities, skills, experiences, attitudes and attributes that when merged can bring forth brainstorming evolutionary consciousness, and those heart led missions contribute to making this world a better place. 

I learned more about unconditional love when I was very ill. I learned about receiving it from someone other than my children or my dog. I actually realised that all of those times in my life where I had been very loving, very forgiving, very non judgemental, very kind, very understanding, very patient, very humble, very unselfish, very tolerant, that I was coming from a place of unconditional love for others but at times I still had an energy in myself which was saying all sorts of unloving things to me. It was of course subconscious at the time so I was unaware of it. But ultimately it was still attracting twisted love situations or co-dependancy types of love, which although may have seemed like love due to the actions of it at times, at a deeper level, it just wasn't. 

Thinking about how much of our life involves and revolves around relationships then there really isn't that much if anything outside of that. But the most important relationship, the one that can make or break us is actually the one with ourselves. 

Then the light bulb moment...

Unconditional love for oneself, yes, that was it. Well as soon as I realised this, the universe decided to test me, again and again with attacks from manipulatve, brutal, vicious and unloving types of energies. That's when I realised that I had really 'got it this time', as that behaviour from a certain persons energy was the polar opposite of what I wanted. My misplaced loyalty was toxic, the only way to freedom was being as loyal to the raw authentic ME as I had been to others! I had struggled with this previously as I didn't want to reject anyone, as I knew what that felt like and it was horrible. But rejecting a certain type of behaviour is not actually rejecting a person, it is about self love, boundaries and self preservation. And being open to receiving that unconditional love from ourselves for ourselves is just the best way to find that harmonious balance. I finally understood the difference between judgement and discernment. I have to say that I didn't really come away from those attacks feeling un~damaged as when you are connected to a person on a deep soul level, which is what happens with 'twin flames'  that can never be severed, two halves of the same soul so their pain is your pain and visa versa. And of course I am also an intuitive and empath, which has its own levels of pain at times too. But because I could see that the person projecting this behaviour was basically spewing out sewage water from their own set of troubles I could extend understanding and empathy. Not just because of the love but also because I know what that’s like, I’ve seen it, I’ve felt it, I’ve bathed in it many times over. However understanding I am, and even wading through all the difficulties, embracing my unconditional love for myself meant I could not put myself in a dangerous position, and my understanding and empathy for my own health and wellbeing meant I had to put myself first, I couldn't put myself in a place again where I could be attacked by that energy. As that was a result of a karmic situation that he himself had brought into his own life, which meant that he himself had lessons to learn from that and could not disown it by projecting it or transferring anything onto me. We've all had Karmic contracts to fulfil and situations to deal with. Those lessons aid our development if we let them. Even me being guided there, at that time was a Karmic lesson for me that aided my own spiritual development, as well as further insights for others into their own toxic karmic relationships. I had already been spiritually guided and my instincts told me that the communication between us couldn't be much in that type of facility, with those types of energies around, and there was no doubt within me either that for his and my own spiritual development I needed to walk away.  

When I realised about the deception of karmic partners a long time ago and more recently about false twin flames, then thereafter who my true twin flame 🔥 🔥 was a lot of things made more sense to me. I actually really wasn't fully aware of the latter this until year. Understanding how the mirror works from a conscious place helps you to come to terms with how any shadow work that needs doing will get reflected back to you from your twin flame until you are at a place of unconditional love. Almost like a factory reset of your mobile phone. But my whole twin flame story to date is another mind bending heart wrenching scenario, that is probably best not to go into on here. If you are a twin flame and are in seperation I would urge you to follow your own intuition and be cautious about who’s advice you take if you talk to others about it. Mainly as people outside the dynamic won’t completely understand, and if you are a bit wobbly with it all the interference may lead you into a situation that can cause more harm than good. Seek support from others who are genuine friends and have your best interests at heart especially those who are true twin flames if you need to. Anyway I am very grateful to now be connecting with others from the twin flame community too, and that understanding and support makes it so much easier. I'm fortunate in that love, support and spiritual knowing help to keep me as balanced as I can be... If I hadn't found this support I think the whole thing may well have driven me insane. 

Loving yourself unconditionally is the essence of all that is, when we tap back into that life enhancing pinnacle and embody it fully, then we have the life and freedom we need. When we truly love ourselves unconditionally then we are fully connecting with the Devine light within us, there are God's and Goddesses male and female in all of us. Once we become aware of all the crap that prevents us from living our truth and transmute it, we find harmony. I believe embodying unconditional love is when we see and feel our authenticity and have overcome ego based fears to fully express and embrace the miraculous gifts of our human experience. 💕 

“Love is loyal. We feel it in the deepest chambers of our heart despite what we see or hear. When we embrace love our soul soars, our heart melts, our mind harmonises with that joyous miracle. True love is indestructible, free and powerful, it illuminates every fibre of our being.” 

Lorna Cameron 💜

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