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Singing and recording music💜💜💜

Another block released and mega hurdle overcome. I love to sing but previous violent, life threatening behaviour surrounding music had created a block and some horrible symptoms within me anytime I had tried to do it in front of others or record it. I'm really delighted to say with much persistence on Saturday I finally managed to overcome this and record one of my favourite songs. My head and neck feels like someone has bashed it in with a concrete block right now, and my balance is a bit all over the place, heart pains too and bleeding gums too as it all releases, but I am very very happy, and with regular trips to the beach, some soothing oils and epsom salt baths I'm hopeful that the pain etc... will subside soonish!  

The song itself is from a beautiful movie called 'City of Angels' with Meg Ryan and Nicholas Cage.  Changed the song from the original slightly in a few ways to evoke the poignant relationship with it and my life experiences. If you want to hear it there is a link below or alternatively for that and any future recordings just click on the Soundcloud icon. 

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