Progress and gratitude.

Learning to be grateful with tiny little morsels of progress no matter how small they seemed at the time, was what helped me to recover from illness too. Instead of always finishing each job I started, which I had been used matter how shattered I was... often burning myself out in the process, had to become a thing of the past. I still have a similar drive and determination, but now I listen to my body rather than ignoring it! I had to get used to breaking big jobs into sections in my recovery, so that I could feel satisfied with finishing segments, rather than pushing myself to finishing the whole thing, no matter what. Patience was actually one of my biggest lessons.  Whilst I had loads of patience with others I had very little with myself. This change of perspective helped me to feel I had achieved something and boosted my self worth. Letting go of comparisons to 'what I did before' helped me to reclaim my confidence. It's so important to absorb this, and tattoo it to your third eye, as every moment becomes precious when you have survived very traumatic events and severe illness.

Every tiny soul enhancing morsels of progression away from illness and back to wellness is extremely significant. Living authentically from the deep essence of our being and retrieving our souls desire brings forth miraculous fulfilment, often above and beyond our wildest dreams, which helps us to flourish in all areas of our lives.