M.E (CFS) please be empathetic, people's lives depend on it!

I’ve been immersed within the M.E support groups again offering support and hope, listening and taking note. I myself hadn’t ever been able to stay within that environment for very long as I found it quite toxic and restrictive for my own wellbeing. I still felt this with a number of experiences I encountered with some aspects of certain groups on my return, even now from my position of recovery...which has been the catalyst for this post. 

I have been guided to write this post not as I tend to focus on this side of things but as a result of listening to what’s needed within the wider community, and as I still keep hearing about astounding and shocking situations I cannot in all clear conscience not highlight the dangerous extremities of lack of understanding and support. It deeply troubles me dear ones that people still have a perspective about M.E (CFS) that is often stigmatised and is most commonly extremely hurtful and very damaging. People’s doctors,  health professional or nearest and dearest saying th