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Manifestation Magic…

♥️🔥Another Quantum leap day🔥♥️

What a powerful manifestation portal day today 22/11/22!

Manifesting what we want in our life is to ‘be’ what we want. The law of attraction knows we can’t manifest something while we are in a lack mindset.

This may not be conscious but we can make our souls expansion a priority by becoming aware of how our reality is carved out by the sum of choices we make.

Our thoughts are the Electrical charge in the quantum field. Our emotions are the Magnetic force in quantum field. So how we think and feel broadcasts an electromagnetic signal that influences every single atom in our lives. That magnetic force pulls a frequency match right back to us.

So if our ‘true love self’ is joyfully thinking one thing one minute but our ‘fear based ego’ is chattering away in lower judgemental frequencies etc in the background, we will attract the more emotionally charged vibrational match back to us.

So if you want true love in your life - BE TRUE LOVE. Really feel it permeate every system, cell and sub atomical particle until it fully penetrates the quantum field.

If you want to be healed - Tell your mind, body, spirit you are. Really be there fully present with your soul and feel your consciousness expand out of suffering onto ‘I am healed’ not on the future projection of ‘I want to be healed.’

If you want to be in a life enhancing new living environment or relationship. See yourself there. Really feel the juicy, vibrant, healthy, soul ascending aliveness of its existence in every fibre of your being.

Being conscious of our thoughts, heart-fully aware of our words, mindful of our actions. Also being fully aware and grateful for those healthy relationships that build us up and let go of those dysfunction ones that pull us down.

If we are truly 100% committed to living our best possible life with unity consciousness as the essence of our formula it aligns us with exactly what we need to thrive and flourish…












Unity consciousness

Devine counterpart holy union

Lorna Cameron



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