M.E and pacing

Pacing yourself may be one of the things you find the hardest with your M.E, CFS and or fibromyalgia. You may believe you continually try to do this, not only to fail but fail miserably, and unfortunately not only do we have physical obstacles we also have cognitive, social, economical and often emotional ones too. 

Pacing is very relative to the individual and her or his unique circumstances. When I was ill there wasn't really any doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists or holistic health practitioners who were fully trained in how to assist people with these conditions. This is getting better, and I'm delighted to have just watched a webinar organised by Action for M.E and funded by the Scottish government, where Fiona Wright an O.T in Bristol said there are now 300 O.T's trained specifically in managing this ~ So if your G.P doesn't know ask him/her to refer you to an O.T specifically trained in the management of your condition. This is crucial as methods of rehab are very different with M.E, than they are with similar conditions. I'm led to believe other things are changing slightly too so hopefully one day there will be even bigger shifts and as much support for the approximate controversial number of 250,000 people with M.E in the U.K as there is for the approximate 100,000 with M.S too.

A real change of mindset is what's needed here as I discovered with myself and others. And within the scope of that here is one