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World Health Hero's *update*

I am now a member of the wonderful world health hero’s team, and coordinator for the Dundee Angus area. It's so exciting ~ Can’t wait to see what joys 2018 brings. Regular Updates to follow...

Have just done my first three individual videos and a group one for health hero’s yesterday, what a beautiful and wonderful day spent with kindred spirits. The videos will be out around June time. 

  "Here at the heroes we are building a community of people who bring an expansive range of complementary health therapies, alternative treatments and spiritual guidance to people who otherwise wouldn’t have access. We believe in a holistic, person centred approach and support to the client. Having a diverse range of offerings within our directory is extremely important and a choice for the client is essential. We interview, vet and research all of our joining members and our work with the clinic service is quality controlled and the heroes taking part being handpicked by our committee team. We ask our members to respect, understand and support each other so we can help the client. Reviews, feedback and experiences can be sent to us through our contact page of the website to allow us to uphold the best possible service to those who we support" 

Owen Morgan (founder). 

Your health & wellbeing team. In cities & towns across the UK Our Mission

COMING SOON The World Health Heroes Clinic – trials underway.

We are aiming to have hero teams in every major city and town across the UK. The Heroes clinic is here to support people looking for a wellbeing service but are on low income and unable to pay full price. We find out what the need is and reach out to our health heroes to see if they can help at a subsidised rate. Where required our company can help fund the clients treatment if full price. Below has the areas we will work with. We also want to bring wellbeing services to support groups, schools & care centres. Working with the local community is such important work. We pay health heroes to deliver to these groups as we believe a system that helps those in need but also supports health and wellbeing experts to earn a living is the key to an abundant service to all. Through sponsorship, celebrity advocation, events sales and public supporters we can help those most in need to feel well and be supported by complementary health. Details of how to apply for support will be released May 1st 2018. We cannot currently support requests before this date.

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