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Authenticity and healing…

AUTHENTICITY - Having an amazing relationship with ourselves first, masculine and feminine is key to MASTERY of WHOLE self.

Diving deep and not hiding from the shadows is the only way to transmute any undesirable energy.

Shining our light on the gremlins and asking them what they are there to teach us?

There isn’t one single human reincarnated here on Earth who hasn’t experienced shame, fear, guilt, embarrassment, disappointment, grief etc…

Many of us have also experienced horrific trauma.

The question isn’t are we able to understand, but are we willing to empower ourselves with the knowledge of why we have been presented with such polarisation and realise how those triggers have been fundamental character building healing catalysts, that enabled soul growth.

We are ALL the alchemist, we are all the healer and we are all the magician. We are all ABLE to DIVE DEEP and use the lessons LEARNED from challenges as powerful cosmic ascension vehicles.

Fully embodying the wisdom and healing from all those mis-takes, carves out a re-take path where lessons learned not only alchemises individual internal conflict, but also creates a frequency that nourishes collective psyches.

Cultivating an authentically rich, peaceful, harmonious, internal environment defuses any inauthentic negative conditioning, allowing us to expand our horizons which ensures the law of attraction magnetises us a much more meaningful, passionate, fulfilling life.

Awareness blended with HEART-FULL conscious co-creation is Devine and Soooooo HOT!!!



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