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Getting into nature...

Have you ever wondered what it is about getting out and about in nature that helps to make you feel better, brighter, energised, more optimistic, calmer. Is it just the beautiful sights, colours, shapes, aromas, the fresh air oxygenating your cells. The endorphins released when you exercise. Or is there more to it than that.

Isn't it amazing when you are just living in the moment, really taking in all that is around you, absorbing it into your entire being, forgetting about this and that and the next thing. The beautiful delicate, sweet aroma of the rose. Listening to the sound of the leaves as the breeze caresses them. Your free spirit dancing through the fallen autumn leaves, in their majesty of vibrancy, their earthy scent reviving you and reminding you of your roots and connections to our amazing and beautiful mother earth.

Taking your shoes off to feel the grass beneath your feet...always growing...flourishing...content, the way it bounces back up in forgiveness to the foot that trampled on it. How much better do we feel when our dopamine and serotonin happiness hormones get released, connecting with love...ourselves...others...nature...the earth and the universe. The peace that comes with that oneness. The magnificent warmth of the sun on our face, the wind through our hair, the rain as its tender touch washes over our skin to revive us. The sand trickling through our fingers and toes, the hypnotic ebb and flow of the tide as the waves meet and greet us, leaving us with no doubt about whether they will come back. How fortunate are we to be able to use all of our senses to experiences the miracle of being alive.

When I was bed bound for all those years I was able to visualise my favourite places in nature by tapping into my memories so vividly, that it would evoke all those lovely feelings and responses as though I was actually out there in person. I also used the feel good of my love for nature in all my art, which was one of the therapies that helped immensely with my recovery from severe M.E.

Spending time in nature not only gives us an opportunity to de~stress from a sensory perspective but also helps to deal with the effects E.M.S (electromagnetic stress). As the negative ions emitted from our natural environment help to counteract the positive ions accumulated within us from E.M.R (electromagnetic radiation) which is produced by any electrical equipment, mobiles, computers and tablets etc...

Tell me about your experience of nature... Has it inspired you? Helped heal you? How does it make you feel?

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