Natural vegan organic deodorant for sensitive skin.

YES...YES...YES!!! I have finally cracked it! My natural, vegan, organic deodorant is now ready to be sent away for its assessment at the cosmetic chemist.

This deodorant has been the most difficult product to get spot on and has taken the longest to refine as I decided it wasn't only needing to pass the 24 hour 'sniff test' but to meet many other requirements too. So after much trial and error, many 'sniff tests' and the involvement of my lovely testing participants, from  various walks of life, occupations, health conditions etc... Which challenged me with a myriad of different levels of 'sweatiness' due to work, health, gender, hormonal, stress and emotional changes.  I also had to search far and wide for appropriate natural emulsifiers and natural preservatives as this is an oil and water mixed product, and as we know oil and water do not mix without an e