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Vegan sugar free chocolate and coconut ice cream video.

Coconut and chocolate vegan ice cream


One and a half cups of cashew nuts

Half a cup of honey

250 mls coconut cream

2 tbsp raw cacao powder

Few tablespoons of cacao nibs

Tablespoon of vanilla essence


Blitz nuts, coconut cream, honey, cacao powder and vanilla in food processor for about one minute. Then add some of the cacao nibs for that extra texture and crunch. It will become a nice ice cream consistency in about 4-6 hours in freezer. I take it out half way through to give it an extra little blitz with the hand blender, and add a little more cacao nibs. If you leave it in the freezer for longer it will go brick hard, so all you need to do is take it out for half an hour or so before you eat it and it will go back to that nice soft ice creamy texture. This recipe does us for around 10-12 portions, so if you aren't going to eat it all after the 4-6 hours in freezer, you can buy individual paper ice cream tubs with lids from ebay and freeze them in them.

I always use organic ingredients where possible.

*Please note that in the video I added slightly less nuts than I said, and slightly less cacao powder than I do in the written recipe...Ha ha... the joys of working in front of a camera with children.*

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