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Workshops and latest news

I now have a news page which tells you of latest news and workshops. So far I have added my exciting news about the ‘From Nature to Nurture’ organic doggy products. And have added the latest on my all day ‘From nature to Nurture’ workshops click here for info.

Had a lovely afternoon on Friday showing the beautiful Sophia how to make Butterflybees bath bombs.

I originally met Sophia’s mum Laura and her brother at an event last year and we chatted for a while about natural products etc...Laura, like me, loves to get the kids involved in all sorts of creativity, especially surrounding natural things.

Anyway Laura asked if I could do a workshop with Sophia to enable her to make bath bombs, which can sometimes be a bit trickier than it looks.

While we all chatted about various natural methods, Sophia was enjoying having a little go on all my instruments and was wonderfully inquisitive about many things, which is always such a joyful experience.

I stared out showing Sophia all the oils I had, so that she could do a smell test to see what her personal references were. We did the usual coffee bean olfactory, neutralising procedure after each aroma test, so her sense of smell didn’t get confused by all the aromas. Then she chose her three favourites which were papaya, coconut and sage. We tested them to check whether the combination merged well together... GREAT choice Sophia!!!

Combining all of the dry ingredients.

Adding the natural organic fragrance, witch hazel, base oils and botanicals. Sophia chose cornflower petals and rosebuds.

Then it was time to combine ingredients, and pick moulds.

Fast forward 24 hours...TA DAH...READY!!

Sophia and her mum thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, and everything. And I got a lovely text to say also to from them and to let me know the bath bombs fizzed really well and smelled beautiful. 🦋🦋🦋

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