Tomato Ketchup ~ Beans in tomato sauce ~ sugar free.

Two very easy, tasty, cheap and quick recipes one for tomato ketchup which you can freeze in portions and take out an hour or two before you need it. And one for beans. Store bought tomato sauce is loaded with processed sugar, gluten and can have many other unhealthy additives too. I always buy my organic chopped tomatoes or passata in a bottle or a carton. The BPA used to line plastic bottles and tins leaches into the foods and drinks and is harmful, it is especially disruptive to the endocrine system. BPA, shortened from bisphenol-a is a chemical used to coat the lining of cans and most plastic products. The acidity in tomatoes reacts with this chemical which is why it's better to avoid it. Children are most susceptible to the effects of BPA chemicals. To find out more about why BPA used to coat cans has detrimental effects on health click here

Baked beans bought in a tin are loaded with sugar too, they take minimal ti