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Codependency Vs Interdependency…

Codependency Vs Interdependency

It’s a wonderful feeling to be valued and appreciated, but relying on the validation of others to fill up our self love tank is a co-dependancy spanner in the works! It’s when we don’t seek the approval of others that we are at our most powerful.

In relationships if we are compromising our own happiness by living with the illusion that love is only given and received when our performance meets the standards of others, then our authentic, happiness barometer is off kilter and we are kidding ourselves about it being true love.

If the language of a relationship is a place where passive aggressive put downs have become the norm and bitterness and love bombing have become the feedback loop of unhealthy attachment, then we lose ourselves in being a servant to other peoples demands and expectations.

This type of trauma bonding may feel rewarding in the short term, but through time we recognise we give away a piece of our spirit every time this is tolerated.

So if you feel like you are on a pendulum that is oscillating between two worlds, ask yourself if your life is being defined by someone who is using the art of manipulation to make your spirt dance to the beat of their drum for their own personal amusement or gain?

I’ve seen many people completely lose their sense of identity by giving away too much of themselves to gain the approval of others. While it’s lovely receiving appreciation from others and tribal acceptance is important for our well-being, it’s only by embracing our polarity of shadow and light, singing our unique soul song and truly honouring our own heart and soul that we dismantle any conditioning from our parents, teachers and peers that may be stunting our growth.

Once we master heart-full living and emotional regulation, self soothing becomes the norm. This soulful elixir is where we embody our own sovereignty and refuse to dance to any rhythm that hasn’t got our best interests at heart, doesn’t meet our needs or has become complacent with core values…

Where all dimensions of our life are illuminated, as we vibrate at a frequency that aligns us with the partner and soul tribe that truly sees and ACCEPTS our unique WHOLE self who’s authentically committed to Devine unity and collective conscious co-creation.

TRUE LOVE frequency within ourself magnetises our TRUE LOVE soul mate counterpart!! ♥️🔥♥️🔥

♥️Lorna Cameron♥️


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